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Cyclical Political Theory Essay Example for Free

Repeating Political Theory Essay By and by, I buy in to the assessment that what we have in this world is a fundamental association between things. Actually, something can not come from nothing. Activities are interrelated and whether we acknowledge it or not, they cover. Along these lines, I acknowledge George Modelski’s position in his repetitive political hypothesis. Anyway for me, this standard isn't just restricted to just political occasions yet all everyday issues. On account of World War I and World War II, I hold the position that them two are not two separate political occasions. For what reason do I hold this case? Actually in the event that we take a gander at the two occasions fundamentally, one would see that the two wars are indeed the very same, just that it was battled in various areas and at various years. I give the motivations to my situation underneath. In any case, the issues that encompassed the war are indeed the very same. The Germans needed to overwhelm Europe and realized that to accomplish this, they needed to uncover some other ground-breaking countries like France, Britain, Russia and America. The German chiefs additionally felt undermined by the extension of Russia and needed to uncover them before they could eclipse the Germans. Moreover, them two were between provincial Lords. Aside from this, the two wars was where the heroes are attempting to stop the miscreants †the Allies being the heroes while Germany and their collusion being the trouble makers. In the two wars, we see components of ideological engendering where one gathering needed to take care of their plans to the next gathering. Immediately, I accept that the world war two was only a method of finishing what could have been finished in World War I. It included a similar arrangement of individuals who were battle for a similar reason and needed to accomplish similar outcomes. Reference: †¢ Microsoft Encarta Dictionary 2008, â€Å"World War I†. †¢ Colby University Website, â€Å"German Responsibility for the Outbreak of the War† Retrieved August 5, 2008 from http://www. colby. edu/individual/r/rmscheck/GermanyC1. html †¢ Daniel Pipes, â€Å"Similarities in treachery during World War II, the Cold War, and now† Retrieved from http://www. danielpipes. organization/remarks/11660 August 5

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African-American Civil Rights in the Years 1950 to 1962 Essay Example for Free

African-American Civil Rights in the Years 1950 to 1962 Essay Clarify how far the perspectives in Source B vary from those in Source An according to President Eisenhower and the integration of training. The two sources outline Eisenhower’s negative conclusion on integration in schools. Both condemn and depict Eisenhower’s narrow mindedness of dark individuals as Source states Eisenhower’s remark that white individuals ‘ are worried about is that their sweet young ladies are not required to sit in school close by some large congested Negroes’ . Eisenhower’s ‘sympathises’; the south as he starts there himself, the prejudice could be viewed as a major aspect of the South’s culture and conduct to be bigoted of the dark individuals, it is doubtful this affected Eisenhower’s political judgment . The way that Eisenhower originated from military foundation in the wake of going through 44 years of his life in administration, would have impacted his choices and sentiments on integration as military camps were isolated and Eisenhower would have been use to this framework. He indeed agues from the South’s perspective in Source B, ‘I don’t trust you can change the hearts of men with laws and decisions’ this by and by underpins the point I made previously. Proof of his narrow mindedness was lamenting selecting Earl Warren as head of equity ‘the greatest damn blockhead botch I ever made’ he clearly was very against the choice and never needed integration. The similitudes proceed as the two sources shows the hesitance of helping the dark individuals through integration. Source A remarks that he didn’t show an unmistakable help for the Supreme Court choice to integrate schools, ‘his quietness empowered monstrous resistance’. His political and closely-held convictions were slamming into one another creation his activities constrained. Source B shows verification of his hesitance likewise as it expressed three years after the fact he at long last secures the little stone 9 with a government armed force in 1957. This was the first run through Eisenhower demonstrated help of isolation be that as it may; it was a ‘weak act’ from Eisenhower. It could be conceivable that he felt that it was his examination as the president not himself supporting social liberties for the dark individuals. Nonetheless, the sources do vary in the way that source B expresses a progressively positive view on Eisenhower even idea it was considered ‘weak’. As effectively expressed Eisenhower While in administration didn't effectively bolster integration and had qualms about the Brown choice, he comprehended his sacred obligation to maintain the government authority and the law. Eisenhower requested government troops to monitor and Little Rock and secure dark understudies as they strolled to class. He in this way turned into the primary president since Reconstruction to utilize government troops to ensure the privileges of African Americans. As Source A’s tone is contrary as it cites narrow minded perspectives on the African Americans, it suggests that Eisenhower is very against African Americans being a piece of a ‘white society’ this appear differently in relation to the little stone 9 as he helps the dark individuals into the school, after his remarks it w ould been probably not going to support the dark individuals yet he does. To finish up: source An and B are fundamentally the same as the two of them voice the bigotry and his absence of help Eisenhower provided for the African-Americans. I concur with the source as from my own insight he was very against social equality in light of his Sothern impact. His perspectives on integration was straightforward from his activities and that’s what source and B outline (12 Marks) (B) Use Source A, B and C and your own insight. How significant was the Supreme Court in the improvement of African-American social equality in the years 1950 to 1962? The Supreme Court is the most noteworthy government court in the US, comprising of nine judges and taking legal priority over every other court in the country. The Supreme Court would have profited each African-American with their choices of passing and lifting laws in the event that they prevailing with regards to winning their cases. It permitted them to have lawful rights with in the nation and legitimately be equivalent to the white individuals. Notwithstanding, the confidence of the African Americans was low because of the prejudice of the white individuals accordingly figures, for example, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and backing of political figures, for example, Kennedy permitted them to be courageous and a feeling of pride in picking up equity. Along these lines, the Supreme Court could be viewed as less significant than different figures and factors that happened somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1962. Source An and B examine the Brown versus Topeka’s Board of Education decision in 1954. The Supreme Court passed the law of integrated schools by the head of Justice Earl Warren. He was scrutinized for his choice, for example, President Eisenhower, who had imparted his disturbance to Warren by expressing that is was the ‘biggest damn moron botch he ever made’. The quietness of Eisenhower’s support on integration caused enormous obstruction alongside the aberrant cutoff time for when integration is to begin. Thus, Brown 2 out of 1955 was the endeavor to get a more clear cutoff time than previously. Be that as it may, disappointingly the decision was ‘with all conscious speed’ it was as yet obscure and delayed the hang tight for integration. The Supremes’ job in this specific circumstance helped social equality as it proclaimed greater fairness inside America anyway went to an impediment as it become a skirmish of when it will occur. The choice likewise created additional issues for the African-Americans as meager Rock consented to the high court’s laws and chose to integrate there all white school. The NAACP submitted nine understudies initially to join the school and continuously get more and settled them gradually. In any case, it wasn’t that just as the 9 understudies went to enter their school they was loudly manhandled and tormented by the white southerners, Eisenhower needed to submit government help to help them into school , this is expressed in source B as it had taken 3 years to show any help from Eisenhower and the south to at long last acknowledge integration . Eisenhower’s government inclusion was then turned into the principal president since Reconstruction to utilize administrative soldiers to ensure the privileges of African Americans. Be that as it may, since Brown versus instruction Source C expresses that McLaurin versus Oklahoma decides that colleges also need to observe the integration law and that you ‘could not give diverse treatment to an understudy exclusively due to his/her race’. This demonstrates the Supreme Court was promoting African American rights through all degrees of instruction making them equivalent and taught. This is another impact the Supreme Court had over fantastic changes for the African Americans and the general public around them. In any case, it is questionable that the Supreme Court just helped the figures and occasions that tremendously changed social liberties for the African Americans. Occasions, for example, the Montgomery Bus blacklist in 1956 were a political and social dissent. after the capture of Rosa parks African Americans were prepared to make a move and recover some balance and raise the issue of the fact that it is so off-base to make a ‘tired, old lady’ to move, regardless of whether it wasn’t totally obvious. The blacklist was driven by the gathering the MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association) Saturday third December the dark network bolstered each other as many individuals kept away from the transports and needed to take rides with others in the network, despite the fact that it was troublesome the supporters of the reason energetically consented to proceed with the blacklist until there was equity. The accomplishment of the dark individuals boycotting prompted monetary pressure were the issue of isolation would be finished. The way that one occasion, urge African Americans to represent their privileges impacted and revealed the most compelling figures in common right history and picked up equity from their endeavors. This is rehashed the 1960 in the Greensboro sit-in’s when African Americans will not move to from their seats in the Woolworths store. Their numbers expanded in help and was viewed by the world; even Eisenhower voiced his suppositions on the issue. These peaceful fights permitted dark individuals to turn into a piece of changing their future and not depending on legal disputes and people to get them there. Ostensibly despite the fact that they increased extraordinary achievement the dark individuals didn’t have any legitimate hang on integrating the transport framework, in this way the Browder versus Gayle case. The Supreme Court maintained the region court’s choice in making bus’s integrated. Without the affirmation from the Supreme Court all the dark people’s endeavors would have come about to nothing without the affirmation of the Supreme Court. Rosa parks is found in our current history as a moving social liberties pioneer. Her story impacted a huge number of African Americans to blacklist transports and increase fairness. Be that as it may, her picture of being a ‘hard working, old, delicate women’ who needed to rest her feet in the wake of a difficult day isn’t valid by any stretch of the imagination. She had been a functioning nonconformist and NAACP part for quite a long time and presumably arranged this dissent to pick up exposure and change. Because of her dissent Martin Luther King was seen as a social equality figure, he had been viewed from everywhere throughout the world and from that point on observed as the main social equality pioneer. His endeavors in the SCLC made in 1957 after the Montgomery transport blacklist, helped the southern African Americans who experienced incredible prejudice . In any case, by and by their endeavors added up to accomplishing the authorization of balance, without the Supreme Court every one of their endeavors went to nothing. To finish up: despite the fact that Martin Luther King is viewed as the deliverer of the African Americans in picking up equity

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How to Write a College Application Essay

How to Write a College Application Essay When you apply to college, as part of your application procedure, you will need to write an essay. This is your perfect opportunity to present yourself and impress the admission committee with your writing skills and the experience of yours. It is a time consuming process of writing the essay that works it may takes few hours of several days for some students. But the trick is that for admission officers it takes few minutes to read it. According to Jim Rawlins, director of admissions at the University of Oregon, you may spend weeks in writing the essay but you will have only few minutes of so called “fame” to grab readers’ attention and guide them through the story. All is all, you have to be very good at writing to make the readers stay till the end of your essay and make the decision which is good for you. Sounds a bit complicated right? As so much is put at stake: all your academic achievements, your grants everything you have done needs to be accompanied with “simple essay writing” to tied up in the story of your success. Thus, no doubts- you must know that formula of success usually lays in a simple thing- of how to create the essay that works and wrap it up perfectly. How to write a great college application essay To start from the beginning, we decided to present you some college application essay tips on how to write an essay for a college application and how to start a college application essay in DO’s and DON’T’s format. Be yourself and let the writing come from your heart. Don’t make up the story in that you don’t believe in. Do start writing your college application essay as early as possible. Don’t postpone writing your essay till the very last minute. Do organize your writing, create the timeframes for drafts to be edited and follow the timelines you set. Choose the topic that will serve you better Don’t focus on the specifics of a particular college, its pros and the amount of dedication of yours it will take in studying there. Do share your personal thoughts, select a creative approach of presenting the story and highlight areas that empowered you in your lifetime story. Narrow the focus down to something personal Don’t try to cover too many topics in your essay. This will make the essay sound like formal list of things happened to you but in fact- this will not reveal anything about you. Do focus on one aspect of your life you find worth sharing so the readers can learn more about what kind of person you are, what are you strengths and weaknesses. Show the examples, don’t simply list them all. Don’t simply state a fact. For example “I like to surround myself with people with similar interests”. Do include some specific touch here: more details, strong examples, your personal reasons and so on, like “My friend and I being members of student scientific society, presented the idea of “volcano on the table” to young pupils to empower them to learn chemistry more and join our club of young scientists” Ask for a feedback Don’t send your essay without getting feedback on it. Do ask a teacher or parent to read it for you. Your parents, teachers or classmates can give you some advice of it, they could also notice some spelling or grammar mistakes you were missing. Also the person who proofreads your essay might advice if the writing “sounds” like you. Write succinctly and know your vocabulary. Don’t get your essay overcomplicated with advanced vocabulary you don’t know how to use properly. It might seem pompous or even comical to the reader despite it was not the intention of yours. Do your writing concisely so the admissions officers see that you can organize your thoughts being limited in words. How to write a personal essay for college application The main worry that applicants have is that their essay won’t stand out from the rest of the essays. This is a natural concern as you will compete with numerous applicants who have backgrounds similar to yours. The truth is, indeed, the vast majority of college application essays are not very good. I mean they are either boring, impenetrable, clichéd, or all of the above. Many students struggle with the balance between writing creative, facetiously stated responses and sounding shoddy and forced. So let’s close by quoting Kurt Vonneguts seven rules for writing well, which are as applicable to college applications as they are to writing everything else: Select a topic you really care about. Do not roam here and there in your writing. Keep it short and simple. Know where to cut the story. Be yourself don’t make it up. Say what you mean to say. Engage with the readers. The following tips will help you to wake up and inspire the writer inside you. As you probably saw, there are many college application essay samples in the internet. Choosing what to write about in the essay is doable and but it doesn’t lay on surface. You can be funny, dramatic in your writing, but most importantly it must be your own story and it must describe your endeavors. Another option on writing college application essay is to order them from professional writing services. While ordering your college application essay from professional writers, make sure your essay is extraordinarily different from the other essays. If you’re unsure about how your essay could come across to admissions officers, it’s not too late for professional services to review your supplements and give guidance on how to draft and revise your essays.

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Abstract There Has Been A Long Drawn Out Debate On If

Abstract: There has been a long drawn out debate on if the United States should decriminalize or criminalize prostitution. On one end of the spectrum, citizens believe that prostitution is harmful and should be considered a crime, while others believe that incriminating commercial sex workers are a violation of human rights. The pro- human rights side argues that prostitution is defined as adults exchanging time and services for money, as any other day to day employment agreements. Half of the prostitutes in the United States are criminalized, ignored, and abused; which been impacted by the way American has put sex work in a negative category. This is the main reason as to why women who are in the profession, are mistreated and violated†¦show more content†¦II. What is Prostitution We must define what prostitution is to understand the concept behind it. Prostitution is a command debate in American, it is defined as exchanging sexual favors for money or materials (Outshoorn 2 004). In history prostitution involved men exchanging money for sexual favors from women, however in recent history homosexual men are also exchanging sexual favors for money, drugs, or even a place to stay. Prostitution is also known as high-end nonproductive sex, where there is nothing exchanged but sex (Edlund, Korn 2002). Prostitution takes place in brothels, allies, hotels, homes, cars etc†¦ Prostitution is a multibillion-dollar business that the U.S has continued to banned, if workers are caught they will be jailed and prosecuted indefinitely. However, the industry is continuing to boom, provides jobs for low skilled, labor intensive, and is well paid (Edlund, Korn ,2002). However, in order to understand why prostitution is illegal in 51 states in the United States, we be review a brief history of prostitution. III. Brief history of prostitution In the United States Prostitution has always been viewed as problematic throughout the history of the United States and will continue to be. It is also said that during hardship in America women resorted to prostitution as a way to earn wages (Bullough 2012). Because there is very littleShow MoreRelatedDeath Penalty Research Paper1710 Words   |  7 PagesThe Death Penalty Research Paper English Composition ENG101 03 December 2011 Abstract The death penalty is a subject of much debate amongst the American people. Some people support capital punishment while others do not. Examination of sources and analyses of important history regarding the death penalty will hopefully add to the understanding of why it is so important in our day and age to have such a penalty to deter and deal with the most violent of offendersRead MoreNature vs Nurture, a Not Quite a Twin1684 Words   |  7 PagesNature vs Nurture A Not Quite Twin Study Tamara Richardson Seminole State College of Florida Abstract This paper is going to discuss the Nature vs Nurture debate. There will be history of the debate, where it is presently and where it may go in the future. We will look at the beginning of the debate, the battle that started with Descartes and was pushed further by BF Skinner, Bandura and Piaget. We will further look at Bandura and Piaget and look at Social learning theory verses biology. InterviewsRead MoreOutline the View That Big Supermarkets Both Provide and Limit Choice1339 Words   |  6 PagesOutline the view that big supermarkets both provide and limit choice. In the context of our consumer society, the role of big supermarkets and their influence on our lives has come under much scrutiny. Broadly split into an anti-supermarket and pro-supermarket camp, both sides insist that their interpretation of evidence is the correct one, and that their conclusions are sound. In light of such contention, I will explore both sides of the argument, and attempt to explain how an answer can beRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gun Control1190 Words   |  5 PagesHANDS UP!: An Essay in Favor of Gun Control in America Andrew A. McKay Victor Valley College Abstract Gun ownership is embedded in the fabric of America. The United States has the highest gun ownership rate in the world with 88 guns per 100 people. This is a staggering amount of firearms in the U.S. which our forefathers would ve never imagined when writing the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment states that â€Å"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right ofRead MoreHealthcare Solution : Health Care Solution1154 Words   |  5 PagesMayes-Cooper APA Problem-Solution Essay 04-27-2017 Abstract This paper is a projected proposal of a solution to the high costs of health insurance. This paper takes a look at holding all Americans responsible for health insurance, eliminating loopholes for the wealthy and every citizen being taxed a 5% healthcare tax to fund a universal health insurance program. Taxing all citizens will spread the burden out to all American citizens and not over burdening the working middle classRead MoreChristianity Is Materialistic While Buddhism Is Philosophical.1517 Words   |  7 PagesChristianity is Materialistic while Buddhism is Philosophical Name of Student Institution Affiliation Abstract Christianity was started by Christ through his teachings on earth. Though the son of God, he was born in a humble home and started his ministry at thirty years of age. He was crucified and rose from the dead after which he instructed his disciples to spread his gospel to all parts of the world. Born Gautama Siddhartha, son of a king who hoped the prince would becomeRead MoreEssay Sex Drugs and Econ1535 Words   |  7 PagesSex, Drugs, and Economics –A Book Review: Despite economists’ frequent use of graphs and figures in justifying their theories and predictions, economics has never been either an exact or an abstract science. Economics attempts to describe patterns of human behavior and human choices that often seem unpredictable and irrational, unless these choices are closely examined in their specific context. Diane Coyle’s book Sex, Drugs, and Economics uses examples as far-reaching as the sex industryRead MoreRunning Head: Solution1220 Words   |  5 Pages 7 Health Care Solution Billie Ann Evans English 102 C7Z1 Caroline Mayes-Cooper APA Problem-Solution Essay 05-02-2017 Abstract Health care reform affects everyone in the united states. Having an insurance plan that is sufficient and affordable is necessary in life. Health insurance is necessary to protect Americans and their families from illness and treat injuries withoutRead Moremonsanto paper critical analysis3483 Words   |  14 Pagescan be drawn. Table1: The Purpose of this table is to briefly summarise five sources of literature using methods gained in the course to aid in the development of a draft plan for assignment two. Reference/Source Publication Type Brief Synopsis Application of Course Concepts Comments relevant to planning the draft review Gilles-Eric Sà ©ralini, Emilie Clair, Robin Mesnage, Steeve Gress, Nicolas Defarge, Manuela Malatesta, Didier Hennequin, Joà «l Spiroux de Vendà ´mois (2012) Long term toxicityRead MoreIndividual Privacy vs National Security5833 Words   |  24 PagesPrivacy VS National Security Introduction Since the terrorist attack of 9/11, America has been in a high level conflict with terrorist around the world, particularly the group known as Al Qaeda. There has been many discussions within the U.S. Congress about the measures of how to effectively combat this organization and their members, here and abroad. Consequently, the issue of individual privacy vs. national security has generated discussions within the civilian and government sectors. To date, the discussions

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Drug Addiction - 1009 Words

Young Hover Professor Olia PSYC 101 October 29, 2008 Drug Addiction Growing up in a household with my parents fading in and out of our lives, just like a loose light bulb would flicker, could be part of the reason why my brother is addicted to drugs. Constantly arguing at each other over what I thought at the time were the littlest things in life, I believe led to a younger brother choosing the wrong path to tranquility. My younger brother is 32 years old and has had a drug problem for at least the last 10 to 12 years. It started out with just drinking at parties and progressed to drugs. His problem has escalated to the point that he does not pay his bills and barely keeps a job. He has been arrested more than once on a†¦show more content†¦Drug abuse cases heartache and pain to many families. My brother lied, stole, and deceived me many times to get high. To this day he would still say he does not have a drug problem. My brother is in a state, known as denial. Denial is a common defense mechanism that everyone uses to some degree. It i s an automatic response to avoid something uncomfortable. The kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar will say, when confronted, something like, I was just seeing if any cookies were left or No, my hand wasn t in the cookie jar. Snap answers are a way to avoid admitting an uncomfortable reality. We do not consciously have to think about what to say. The denial comes from the unconscious as an immediate statement, said in a truthful, innocent or irritated voice. It comes from a fear of looking bad or of having to give up dependencies, in this case, which are drugs that he does not feel he can go on without. Through all the pain and mishaps, I will always love my younger brother. Drugs have sent my brother down a path that can be over turned by sheer motivation. There is always hope for change in a persons’ life no matter how drastic. I will always continue to talk to and help my brother in any ways I can. It is easy for me to give up sometimes, because some days all the wor k I put into being a part of my brothers’ life just seems so pointless. Through all the pain and mishaps, I will always love my younger brother. Consequently, loveShow MoreRelatedDrug Addiction : Drugs And Heroin Addiction1130 Words   |  5 PagesThe arguments for whether or not to prescribe heroin to treat heroin addictions are controversial. Henden and Baeroe (2015) state both sides of the arguments being that some believe â€Å"it is in the nature of heroin addiction for individuals to lose their ability to resist their desire for heroin,† which knowing the nature of chemical dependency, heroin addicts would not refuse any heroin, so it still possibly an invalid consent to research participation as they did not have a free choice to reallyRead MoreDrug Addiction : Drugs And Drugs Essay744 Words   |  3 PagesWhen people first hear the word drug, they think of illicit drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine. They also think about the user and sometimes why they use. One thing that is overlooked by the public is the treatment programs that are available to drug users. There is a stigma in our society around drug use that is very negative. Many believe that people that do drugs do them just to do them and even if this is true in some cases, no one wakes up one morning and decides that today is the dayRead MoreDrug Addictions802 Words   |  4 Pagesof the states, is facing drug problems. This state is considered one of the deadliest drug epidemics in American history. There are two types of drugs mentioned in the article. One of them is opioid. An opioid is a substitute for morphine and widely used. According to the statistics, 500 people had died from an overdose in 2005. In 2013, the numbers soared from 500 deaths to 2,700. Another drug(s) is known as synthetic opioids. Fentanyl and Carfentanil are the two drugs mention by Phil Plummer,Read MoreDrug Addiction3845 Words   |  16 PagesDrug Addiction (Focus of the Study: â€Å"Shabungan† at Brgy. Victoria Reyes, Dasmarià ±as, Cavite) Group No. Cuenca, Ma. Kristina B. Enon, Jane Loraine S. Tuban, Julie An Pelisco, Marvelous Salcedo, Yvette Laganzo, Ma. Riellyn Mae Austria, Gerald Mateo, Alyssa INTRODUCTION: Drug Addiction is a chronic disease affecting the brain, and just about everyone is different. It was also a condition that characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking despite what majority of societyRead MoreAddiction : Drugs And Addiction947 Words   |  4 Pages Addiction is a problem that’s very prevalent in our society. Considering that drugs and alcohol are being introduced to kids in middle school, this isn’t that surprising. We as a society constantly bombarded with talks about the â€Å"war on drugs† and addiction. There are constant conversations about what should and shouldn’t be legal and what addiction really means. Is addiction in the head, or is it something a person chooses? Should we help or punish people with addictions. Everyone has opinion,Read MoreDrug Dependence And Addiction : Drugs1231 Words   |  5 Pagesobvious assumption that drugs have an effect on the mind, but what exactly goes on and how do these substanc es affect your brain and change your state of consciousness? This is the question that interested me and brought me to want to write about this certain topic. Drugs alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Over the past few decades, studies have established that drug dependence and addiction are features of anRead MoreDrug Addiction and Drugs1219 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs Addiction Miami Beach Senior High Ashley Gonzalez Ms. Cooper/Mr.Sussman English II-Period Three 06 March 2013 Drugs Addiction Topic and Thesis Statement Miami Beach Senior High Topic: Drugs Thesis Statement: In an examination of drugs I will discuss causes of this disease/or social dilemma. I will also discuss the effect of drugs on individuals, families and society. Read MoreDrug Dependence And Addiction : Drugs1231 Words   |  5 Pagesobvious assumption that drugs have an effect on the mind, but what exactly goes on and how do these substances affect your brain and change your state of consciousness? This is the question that interested me and brought me to want to write about this certain topic. Drugs alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Over the past few decades, studies have established that drug dependence and addiction are features of anRead MoreThe Drug Of Drug Addiction Essay1270 Words   |  6 Pagesmy older brother struggle with drug addiction has taught me more in my life than anything else. He was a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders.   As he grew older he made some unwise choices with regard to substance abuse that quickly turned into a full blown addiction lasting over five years and landed him in and out of four different rehabs.   He was striving to get clean, but every time he took one step forward he fell three steps back.   Taylor entered Drug Court, after finding himself inRead MoreDrug Addiction : Drugs And Drugs1017 Words   |  5 Pages In today’s society, it is now normal to know somebody who has a drug addiction especially to opiates. A dr ug addiction is a mental disorder that the person can no longer control their actions. The person addicted to the drug will no longer care about the outcome of their actions as long as they can get that high they are seeking. **from textbook pg. 303** â€Å"Opioids are classified as narcotics- strongly addictive drugs that have pain relieving and sleep-inducing properties. Opioids include both naturally

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Hiv And Aids Stigma Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

In Taylor ‘s article†¦ .. , cited in Orme, 2003, Taylor emphasises on the significance of the populace in issues refering their wellness. We will write a custom essay sample on Hiv And Aids Stigma Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The laterality of the biomedical position in the construct of wellness and healing where professionals are viewed as holding the cognition has had a batch of impact on public wellness globally. Harmonizing to Taylor, 2003, the populace, â€Å" the ballad people † have a important function in the procedure of wellness betterments. She emphasises on the importance of listen to, and understanding ballad people ‘s experiences of their sick wellness and how it is affected by their day-to-day lives. This can assist us to understand why people behave the manner they do in order for us to be able to happen them the best possible intervention, by working in partnership with them and utilizing available resources. Taylor relates to this partnership in two key footings, the public wellness resources and the public wellness action. The former refers to a scope of services aimed at advancing wellness including disease surveillance and the latter refers to a broad scope of activities of groups, administration, communities and persons that can advance wellness, ( Taylor, 2003, cited in Orme, 2003 ) . Using Deems taylors, partnership of the ballad position and public wellness resources as a construct of wellness and healing, this paper shall research its significance to wellness and healing in relation to the HIV/AIDS stigma. The paper will get down by specifying HIV stigma and place its causes. It will besides foreground how stigma affects people populating with HIV/AIDS. The paper will so consistently reexamine literature on HIV stigma from different surveies that have been conducted and discourse the issues highlighted on them. The paper will complete by doing some recommendations on how to turn to some of the jobs of the HIV stigma. Goffman ‘s theory of stigma in relation to HIV/AIDS is farther complimented by Parker and Aggleton, 2003, who interpret stigma as a tool of continuing or sabotaging societal constructions. They view stigma and favoritism as functional systems which maintain boundaries between those in power and those without. Through such power, societal inequalities are developed therefore the favoritism of people harmonizing to gender, socio-economic position, age, gender, disablement and unwellness. Parker and Aggleton farther argue that from societal inequalities, societal norms are derived and this is when stigmatisation formulates as these norms govern persons † manners of behavior and reinforce power constructions that are transformed through discriminatory patterns that serve to insulate those that are regarded as foreigners. In most of the research examined in this reappraisal both Goffman ‘s model and Parker and Aggleton ‘s reading of stigma confirm the demand for pu blic wellness and public wellness action to work manus in battling HIV/AIDS related stigma. A batch of surveies have been conducted globally on the impact of HIV related stigma. Due to the wideness of the topic, this paper shall reexamine literature refering HIV/AIDS stigma in relation to public wellness resources and public wellness action, those underpinned by Goffman ‘s theory of stigma. To increase the cogency and dependability of this reappraisal, a figure of web sites of different publishing houses and administrations such as Assia, through the Nottingham University library portal, PubMed, Sage, British Medical Journal, British Nursing Index, Cochrane and Eco host were visited for published articles on HIV/ AIDS stigma. The term HIV/AIDS stigma was used so that the hunt is non merely limited to stigma, HIV/AIDS or a peculiar geographical country. Abstractions from 20 surveies were reviewed for the survey aims, methodological analysis and cardinal findings. Out of the 20 surveies, twelve surveies that met the standards were chosen. Articles that did non measure u p for the standards were excluded. From the bibliographies of the selected articles, relevant paperss from other administrations such as the WHO and UNAIDS were besides reviewed. Research has highlighted a scope of features that confirm the demand for the ballad people ‘s beliefs to be taken into serious consideration in the combat against HIV/AIDS stigma for the bar and intervention of the epidemic to be effectual. In Tanzania, the survey unveiled some discriminatory and stigmatised patterns such as dish the dirting about the patients ‘ HIV ‘s position, disregard, verbal maltreatment, proving and unwraping HIV ‘s position without consent, Tanzania ‘s stigma-indicators field trial group, 2005. Similarly in India, wellness workers were unwraping the patients ‘ HIV position to their household members without seeking consent from the patient. The wellness workers even went to the extent of have oning baseball mitts even if there had been no physical contact during the interaction, Journal of Social Aspects, of HIV/AIDS, 2007. In other surveies, stigma and favoritism has a contributed a great trade in maintaining people off fro m accessing HIV/AIDS intervention and attention thereby compromising their wellness and good being. The fright of being identified as infected with HIV was one of the grounds why some people prolonged proving for HIV even if they had the symptoms until their unwellness was at an advanced phase. This was chiefly due to the society ‘s perceptual experience on how HIV is contracted. Research has proven that both experient and sensed stigma and favoritism have a terrible impact on both the persons and the public wellness, Bond V, Chase E, Aggleton P, 2002, Human resources of wellness, 2007, Varga C, Sherman G, Jones S, 2006, Kalichman SC, SImbayi L, 2003. Research has besides unveiled a really interesting point on the wellness workers stigmatizing patients to cover up for their ain frights of their HIV position. They stigmatise and discriminate in order to keep their societal position as professionals for the fright of losing their power over the laic people who would them see them as portion of their community†¦ †¦ †¦ †¦ . While most of the literature on HIV related stigma is negative, research has besides highlighted increasing grounds of the value of supportive and de- stigmatising HIV services in some parts of the Earth. China, Brazil†¦ †¦ †¦ .. Recommendations, single degree, environment, policy, degree, preparation, usage of participatory methods, affecting ballad people, monitoring of stigma, address the demands of wellness workers Research has highlighted the significance of cut downing HIV/AIDS stigma as it poses deductions in preventing, attention and intervention of HIV/AIDS. There is demand for HIV programmes to underscore on the deductions of the stigma as one of its precedences. Service suppliers should supply support services to dispute pattern that promotes HIV- stigma by professionals, within communities and globally. HIV/AIDS has claimed a batch of lives and still continues to claim more, the consequence of stigma on both the person ‘s wellness and well-being and public wellness results calls for all of us to fall in custodies in battling the spread of this deathly epidemic. By merely altering our attitudes towards people populating HIV/AIDS we will hold made our part towards public wellness for all. How to cite Hiv And Aids Stigma Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Thanatopsis My View On Life And Death free essay sample

Thanatopsis: My Position On Life And Death Essay, Research Paper Focus Correction Areas 3 Quotation marks Clear account of my position of life and decease Creativity 2 pages ; standard paper signifier My Position On Life And Death Thanatopsis, a verse form by William Cullen Bryant, tells about how when one dies the grave becomes an eternal universe, how the asleep become one with the Earth, the trees, and everything that is great within the Earth, and how when one dies they do non decease entirely. He uses strong words to depict the feelings and visions one sees when they are in their last hours and even after they have passed off. The writer makes decease seem like something that should non be feared and should about be looked frontward to. ? When ideas of the last acrimonious hr come like a blight over thy spirit, and sad images of the austere torment, and shroud, and chill, and breathless darkness, and the narrow house, make thee to shiver, and turn ill at heart- Go Forth, under the unfastened sky, and list to Nature? s instructions, while from all around- Earth and her Waterss, and the deepnesss of air- comes a still voice? ( Bryant 153 ) . We will write a custom essay sample on Thanatopsis My View On Life And Death or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think that Bryant is taking what can be considered the stereotype of what decease and deceasing feels like and seting it in some really descriptive and strong words. He so goes on to demo, from what I gather, how one should truly experience when deceasing. I think the writer? s sentiment of decease is that it should be a happy and restful experience. He tries to demo that when deceasing alternatively of experiencing deep sorrow and hurting you will go embraced by mother nature and her composure and it will be a soothing experience instead than a painful and annihilating experience. After reading this verse form and seeing such strong descriptive words I can understand and about invision how death could be a pleasant experience, instead than traveling along with most of societies stereotyped thoughts of how decease truly is. ? Earth that nourished thee, shall claim thy growing, to be resolved to earth once more, and, lost each human hint, give uping up thine single being, shalt 1000 go to blend everlastingly with the elements, to be a brother to the insensible stone and to the sulky ball, which the rude boyfriend turns with his portion, and paces upon? ( Bryant 153 ) . In stating this, the writer is seeking to state that when 1 has to the full embraced decease, alternatively of remaining in a little grave in the land, the deceased will go one with the Earth. Even in demoing how decease is fantastic he uses such powerful, descriptive words. Becoming a portion of the Earth and befriending all the elements sounds like a dream semen true the manner he puts it. It about seems as if this is how Bryant portrays heaven or the after life. This is another manner of demoing how decease should be a pleasant, soothing experience. In my sentiment, if how he describes this portion of deceasing is truly how it is, than I would wholly endorse him up on his point that decease should be a pleasant experience. I am open conditions I should fear decease or if I should look frontward to it. ? Yet non to thine ageless resting-place shalt 1000 retire entirely, nor couldst 1000 wish couch more brilliant. Thou shalt lie down with patriarchs of the infant world- with male monarchs, the powerful of the earth- the wise, the good, just signifiers, and grey visionaries of ages past, all in one mighty burial chamber? ( Bryant 153 ) . In lines 31 through 37 of Thanatopsis, as quoted above, Bryant says that when a asleep one lays down into his or her ageless resting topographic point they could neer conceive of such a fantastic topographic point to put down everlastingly. He continues to state, as he does in the remainder of the verse form, that one? s ageless resting topographic point could neer hold been thought of as such a fantastic topographic point that one could love so much. In a manner he describes it to be a immense sofa which when you lay down upon it you merely run in and neer feel like acquiring up, by stating? nor couldst 1000 wish couch more brilliant? . The manner he describes the resting topographic point sounds precisely like the stereotype that has besides been formed of what Eden is like, a fantastic topographic point where you sleep in the clouds and are joined with all of the people and things you love. In reading the verse form and composing this response I have thought a batch about wether or non deceasing should be something to look frontward to or to fear. When reading Bryant? s strong descriptive words about how great deceasing really is I have been swayed to believe that I should look frontward to it. The manner the writer describes it so deeply it has made me believe that he has really died and been at that place, with the elements and with mother Earth. I wonder how he could explicate such a thing with such item and preciseness unless he has been at that place.