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Thanatopsis My View On Life And Death free essay sample

Thanatopsis: My Position On Life And Death Essay, Research Paper Focus Correction Areas 3 Quotation marks Clear account of my position of life and decease Creativity 2 pages ; standard paper signifier My Position On Life And Death Thanatopsis, a verse form by William Cullen Bryant, tells about how when one dies the grave becomes an eternal universe, how the asleep become one with the Earth, the trees, and everything that is great within the Earth, and how when one dies they do non decease entirely. He uses strong words to depict the feelings and visions one sees when they are in their last hours and even after they have passed off. The writer makes decease seem like something that should non be feared and should about be looked frontward to. ? When ideas of the last acrimonious hr come like a blight over thy spirit, and sad images of the austere torment, and shroud, and chill, and breathless darkness, and the narrow house, make thee to shiver, and turn ill at heart- Go Forth, under the unfastened sky, and list to Nature? s instructions, while from all around- Earth and her Waterss, and the deepnesss of air- comes a still voice? ( Bryant 153 ) . We will write a custom essay sample on Thanatopsis My View On Life And Death or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think that Bryant is taking what can be considered the stereotype of what decease and deceasing feels like and seting it in some really descriptive and strong words. He so goes on to demo, from what I gather, how one should truly experience when deceasing. I think the writer? s sentiment of decease is that it should be a happy and restful experience. He tries to demo that when deceasing alternatively of experiencing deep sorrow and hurting you will go embraced by mother nature and her composure and it will be a soothing experience instead than a painful and annihilating experience. After reading this verse form and seeing such strong descriptive words I can understand and about invision how death could be a pleasant experience, instead than traveling along with most of societies stereotyped thoughts of how decease truly is. ? Earth that nourished thee, shall claim thy growing, to be resolved to earth once more, and, lost each human hint, give uping up thine single being, shalt 1000 go to blend everlastingly with the elements, to be a brother to the insensible stone and to the sulky ball, which the rude boyfriend turns with his portion, and paces upon? ( Bryant 153 ) . In stating this, the writer is seeking to state that when 1 has to the full embraced decease, alternatively of remaining in a little grave in the land, the deceased will go one with the Earth. Even in demoing how decease is fantastic he uses such powerful, descriptive words. Becoming a portion of the Earth and befriending all the elements sounds like a dream semen true the manner he puts it. It about seems as if this is how Bryant portrays heaven or the after life. This is another manner of demoing how decease should be a pleasant, soothing experience. In my sentiment, if how he describes this portion of deceasing is truly how it is, than I would wholly endorse him up on his point that decease should be a pleasant experience. I am open conditions I should fear decease or if I should look frontward to it. ? Yet non to thine ageless resting-place shalt 1000 retire entirely, nor couldst 1000 wish couch more brilliant. Thou shalt lie down with patriarchs of the infant world- with male monarchs, the powerful of the earth- the wise, the good, just signifiers, and grey visionaries of ages past, all in one mighty burial chamber? ( Bryant 153 ) . In lines 31 through 37 of Thanatopsis, as quoted above, Bryant says that when a asleep one lays down into his or her ageless resting topographic point they could neer conceive of such a fantastic topographic point to put down everlastingly. He continues to state, as he does in the remainder of the verse form, that one? s ageless resting topographic point could neer hold been thought of as such a fantastic topographic point that one could love so much. In a manner he describes it to be a immense sofa which when you lay down upon it you merely run in and neer feel like acquiring up, by stating? nor couldst 1000 wish couch more brilliant? . The manner he describes the resting topographic point sounds precisely like the stereotype that has besides been formed of what Eden is like, a fantastic topographic point where you sleep in the clouds and are joined with all of the people and things you love. In reading the verse form and composing this response I have thought a batch about wether or non deceasing should be something to look frontward to or to fear. When reading Bryant? s strong descriptive words about how great deceasing really is I have been swayed to believe that I should look frontward to it. The manner the writer describes it so deeply it has made me believe that he has really died and been at that place, with the elements and with mother Earth. I wonder how he could explicate such a thing with such item and preciseness unless he has been at that place.

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