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Main Users of financial Reports and Their Conflicts Essay

Identify the main users of financial reports, explaining to what use(s) they may put such reports. To what extent is there a conflict between different uses? How far are these conflicts resolved in a single set of annual accounts? The financial reports are profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. There are many users /parties interested in the accounts of a company /organization. These include the following: The owners / shareholders The directors / managers The employees The creditors, i.e. suppliers of goods on credit The tax authorities Lenders, such as banks or other financial institutions Government The users want the accounts for a variety of purposes, for example: The owners/shareholders are mainly concerned of the profitability of the business and they therefore use them to see if they are getting a satisfactory return on their investment, and also to assess the financial health of their company/business. They may also use financial statements to assess the performance of the managers and decide the pay of managers who are employed to run the business for owners, which is part of the stewardship role of the accounting. The directors/managers are the ones to conduct the day-to-day operations and decision-making of the business and they are, arguably, the most important users of the business because they require much more information in great detail on a more frequent basis than any other users. They normally use them for making both internal and external comparisons to evaluate the performance of business. They may compare their own financial analysis of their company with industry figures (competitors) in order to ascertain their company’s strengths and weaknesses. Management are also concerned with ensuring that the money invested in the company / organization is generating an adequate return and that the company / organization is able to pay its debts and remain solvent. The creditors want to know if they are likely to get paid, and look particularly at liquidity, which is the ability of the company / organization to pay its debts as they become due. They are also concerned with the viability of business. The tax authorities use them for value added tax, and income and corporation tax purposes. They are probably the one who concerned most with the genuineness of the financial statements as an underreported profit would reduce the amount of taxes being collected and the public would consequently be suffered as the money of government will have fewer funds to spend to improving the public transportation, pensions, reforms, etc. Prospective lenders use them to assess whether or not to invest their money in the company / organization. Government may wish to check whether the profit of the utility company are too excessive and thereby increasing the owner’s wealth too much while reducing the spending power the consumers in a whole. And the contractors of government’s profit shall be checked upon to see if they exaggeratedly quoted their prices during tendering and monitoring the progress of the contract being conducted. As having being identified above, different users have different concerns of  the financial aspect of the business and it would be listed as follows: The owners / shareholders: profitability & viability The directors / managers: profitability & viability The employees: viability The creditors, i.e. suppliers of goods on credit: viability: The tax authorities: profitability (net profit to be taxed) Lenders, such as banks or other financial institutions: profitability & viability Government: profitability & viability Owners / shareholders needs the generation of the profit on their investment and they expect a good return of their money they put in the business. And they also concerned with the viability because they want their business or business they invested to grow, to earn more money, instead of losing money, or going to liquidation (they may consequently loss all their money invested in the business!). The directors / managers because their pay may be linked to the performance of the business and the more profit they earned for the business, the higher their salary is likely to be. The viability is also important to them as they want to keep their current job as they are also employed by the business. Employees, if not shareholders of the business, are employed by the management to work for the business for various purposes. Their salary will be treated as an expense against gross profit so management may try to minimize this expense by employing an efficient worker who are reasonably paid and reducing the number of employees while at the same time add more  responsibilities to the remaining employees. Therefore, as long as the business remains, they could keep their job and secure their pay as a financial security, which is of great important to common employees. They would be happy to see the business grows via looking through the financial statements so that they would know that the can continuously work for the business. Creditors are concerned with the viability of business because they would like to know if they are likely to be paid by the business before too long. As long as the business has sufficient liquidity to pay them, they do not care and are not very interested in how much profit the business generated. Tax authorities always keep a keen eye on the profitability of the business because they want to the profit of the business to be taxed. They want to detect any underreported profit by examining the financial statements and attempt to discover any dubious items to be enquired and demanded details. Lenders, who provide long-term loan to the business, secured or unsecured, concern about the profitability and viability of the business as they want to know if they can be repaid in the schedule designated. Government may want business to sustain and therefore create more employment opportunities for the society. They would like to know the profitability of the business so as to impose regulations to keep the profit of business in a reasonable range to make it more afford and therefore increase the spending power of people and reduce the inflation. Although different users have different interests in business, the conflict can mainly be solved by the general-purpose and standardized format of financial statements. Because it is very costly and impractical to produce a different financial reports to each and every specific users, it is widely accepted that a general-purpose financial statements be produced to satisfy the most needs of the all users. Standardized format would provide a easier way to make comparison of the business with its competitors as well as with the past reports of the business itself.

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How to prepare question paper generator

Test Paper Generator(TPG Pro) will provide reliable and easy to use features for conducting test or quiz. This makes it convenient to devise a test paper with one's own selection of questions or randomly generate test paper from a question bank that has already been deployed and reserved in the database. It works as an aid in avoiding redundant questions In the same test paper as well as reduces manual effort and utilization of paper to a large extent.This system will beneficial to testing service provider by saving lots of time to develop multiple choice examinations or hort question examination and also useful to parents by generating mock test papers to set up exams for their children. TPG Pro will have good functionality for generating test papers for an exam. Following features are Included In this version. Ability to create manual or automatic paper generation without repetition. Provides Immediate evaluation after completion of test. ? Create numerous analytic reports In the h igh-tech era of computers, paper based tests for generating test papers to ach student separately are becoming to be a lot tedious, time consuming and the result In Inaccurate evaluation. We develop comprehensive system that recognizes the need for an assessment tool that offers you to create and manage test for educators and trainers. TPG Pro will be the complete set of tools, come up with the bundle of applications which are integrated and work together to create, run and grade exams instantly and precisely. Also allows for generating test and exam with various highly configured test options.

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Production analysis and strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Production analysis and strategy - Essay Example sand units every day, our production strategy was diverted to other initiatives to ensure profitability; we commenced carefully controlling prices, intensified marketing & product promotion and more importantly also concentrated on repaying our loan. Improvements in the lean manufacturing were particularly useful when we needed to switch production and therefore expended some significant amounts on the strategy. There were very few changeovers; we switched to the production of 500g varieties. Lean manufacturing also played an advantageous role by allowing the exploitation less competitive areas quicker than the other companies. We also spent a lot on production which translated to a high capacity in production; eventually this was one of our greatest competitive edge as compared to the other firms in the market place. When competition started cutting into our margins, we were able to maintain volumes in sales thanks to our strategies of continued diversification, investment in marketing & product promotion and strategic pricing. We therefore maintained a steady production and sales volumes despite the entry of other firms in the market. A critical factor in our strategy was production capacity; a steady and increasing production capacity gave us the much needed economies of scale. We managed therefore to spread costs through higher production capacities with net effect of reduced cost of production. With the increasing production capacity and reducing costs of production our team should be able to keep up with customer demands and also venture into new markets. Strategic gaps can be seen more especially with the decreasing production capacities of team D and this is therefore a potential markets for future entry. In the framework of VRIN analysis, our production capacity proved to have a very high value as it presented us with a unique opportunity to venture into underserved markets. We therefore were in a position give value to customers by ensuring their

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Marketing strategy of Pacific Coffee Company (Hong Kong) Essay

Marketing strategy of Pacific Coffee Company (Hong Kong) - Essay Example Coffee retail business is the most flourishing business in the economic recession. With every business facing difficulties in operations, coffee retail business enjoys growth. One such company is Pacific Coffee Company; subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise ltd. Due to the rapid growth of coffee consumption in the mainland China, the company has decided to blanket the market with company’s coffeehouses. It was found that the marketing strategies of the company were to some extent focused on becoming the largest retail of coffee provider and to attract the customers towards the company’s products. By this it was concluded that marketing strategy can play an essential role in the success of the company and to do so effective and efficient marketing strategies are required for the company to live up to their dreams. Some recommended strategies for the company were to enhance the implementation of technology into the business operations, expansion into new markets, diversification of the products, collaboration with banks, colleges and companies to allow selling of company’s products in their premises, promotional strategies, shifting the focus from retail business to under-serviced sectors, additional value creation and last but not the least online pre-ordering of the coffee to reduce the waiting time of the customers. By implementing above mentioned marketing strategies the company would have a competitive edge over the other players in the market. These recommendations would help the company to be the leader of the market with profitability, growth and greater opportunities. Table of Contents Executive summary 1 Introduction 3 Methodology 4 Situational analysis 4 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) 6 Segmentation: 6 Targeting: 6 Positioning: 6 SWOT analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 7 Opportunities 8 Threats 8 Recommended Objectives and Goals 8 Recommended Marketing strategies and Programmes 9 Penetrating the Market 9 New Target Audience 9 Global Expansion 10 Collaboration with Banks, Colleges and Companies 10 Expanding the Coffeehouses in Mainland China 10 Additional Value Creation 10 Introduction of iPhone Applications 11 Product Diversity 11 Promotional Strategy 11 Increasing the Service Time 11 Focusing on under-developed Sectors 12 Conclusion 12 References 14 Introduction Coffee ret ail business is one of the fastest growing businesses even in such economic conditions (Roast Magazine, 2012). Being inspired from the American and European coffee culture, Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) set its foot in Hong Kong market in year 1992 (Pacific Coffee, 2012a). Being a pioneer in such market, the aim was to provide the customers with â€Å"the perfect cup of coffee† in order to meet the thriving demand of the customers. With the passage of time, the company was known for its quality and a competitive position in the Hong Kong market (Pacific Coffee, 2012a). The PCC’s expansion in the Asian region was another success for the company. Due to the strong brand reputation, the company was able to expand in China, Singapore and Malaysia. With the main focus on Hong Kong’s coffee market, the company operates more than 100 shops in Hong Kong with 130 outlets in China, Singapore and Malaysia (Pacific Coffee, 2012a). With future expansion plan, the company†™s 80 percent shares were bought by China Resources from Chevalier Pacific Holdings (Leung and Lui, 2010). The aim of this expansion was to expand the business in China a lot faster and to be the China’s largest coffee-shop operator (Syed, 2010). In this report, marketing strategies of PCC would be assessed along with the value creation process of the company. The research would also highlight the key strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies to provide significant information to the readers. Moreover, it includes the environmental analysis and recommendations for the company to improve the profitability, market share and value creation pr

Critical Assessment of Morrisons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Critical Assessment of Morrisons - Essay Example Thus, there are many challenges which the present groceries are facing in the UK market. Hence, in the present business scenario, organisations need more sustainable and effective tools to gain advantage in this competitive environment. Looking at the current crisis which the company is facing, powerful strategic operations and new market diversifications are crucial for profitability and sustainable growth in the future. The current operations of the retail giant include convenience stores and supermarket chains. The company follows a vertical integration strategy for the current distribution system. The supermarket chain of Morrison is currently distributed into six major areas of United Kingdom. Except for its petrol stations, the company does not provide any loyalty schemes. Apart from that, the company does not provide any online shopping service, a strategy which they are looking seriously now. At present the company has three distribution centres based in UK. Other smaller ope rations of the organisations include kidscare, an online website selling wines and a clothing brand. The logistics and supply chain processes are monitored by the company itself. The biggest advantage of implementing this model is the cost advantage to the company. The company does not require middle men in their operations and thus they are able to provide their products and services at a lower price compared to their competitors. The company can also respond to any change in trends of customers purchasing. The organisation is family owned and works in a closed loop. Thus, ownership is an important aspect of their business. The current business scenario of the company is suffering because of volatility in the fresh foods market.... The current business scenario of the company is suffering because of volatility in the fresh foods market. The food and grocery market has seen a dramatic change, as a result of the change in strategies and logistics of the overall industry. Morrison’s have reported a continuous loss in sales for a period of six weeks from November till December 2012. According to this report from telegraph, though the industry saw an overall decrease in sales, the loss incurred by Morrison was more compared to its competitors from the industry. Reports suggested two possible causes for the deep loss. Lack of sufficient number of convenient stores and no online presence unlike its competitors were considered as major contributors of the loss. So far, the company has established only 12 convenient stores in the nation. Looking at the increasing popularity and acceptance of convenience stores it can be said that the organisation is losing out a large chunk of sales on this format. Apart from thi s, the market penetration of the retail chain is scattered, with major stores based out of town. The organisation also lacks proper penetration in affluent and popular grocery places in London.

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Enforceability of international and local mediation outcome Assignment

Enforceability of international and local mediation outcome - Assignment Example A normal mediation session takes three hours to complete and is attended by both the parties. Mediation is fair, efficient and does not require lengthy litigation and investigation. II. ROLE OF THE MEDIATOR The role of the mediator differs in four different phases of mediation.1 He generally is a contract facilitator. The different roles of the mediator are mentioned below; A. The pre-mediation phase This is considered as the most important part of the mediation process. In this phase, the mediator can create a strong base for mediation process. He has to see if the case is suitable for mediation or not. Some cases cannot be resolved through mediation like criminal matters2 thus he has to see whether the mediation should proceed or not. The mediator also has to check the flexibility of both the parties as the end result of the mediation will be ‘a contract’3 and thus it has to be assessed whether both the sides have the capacity to enter into a contract or not. The last thing that has to be checked is the representation of both the parties, the mediator has to check that the representatives are representing according to the law and their authority over the party has to be checked, so that it should be in the mediator’s knowledge that what kind of agreement the representatives can sign. B. ... e mediator engages both the parties in a detailed discussion in which both of them try to understand each other’s point of view and perspective; the third duty, which is being performed by the mediator in this session, is to influence the parties to settle the dispute, to make them reach an agreement and to resolve the dispute; and the last task, that a mediator performs during this session, is to engage both the parties in a thorough discussion regarding the issues which they have agreed upon. During this session the parties discuss past and present agendas, whereas, discussing future issues is optional, even though, the discussion of the future issues is essential for this session as it enables the parties to understand each other’s interests and goals. After this session the mediator and both the parties will be aware of each other’s point of views, goals and interests. Each party will now be able to frame a proposal that will satisfy its interests. In additio n to that, it will also be able to put forward an offer that will be acceptable by the other party. The mediator will now help the parties to check the accessibility and practicability of their offers. C. The separate session ( the private session) In this stage the mediator tries to detect and put forth the issues that the parties did not discuss in the last session, to enable the parties to reach realistic options that satisfy the needs and interests of both the parties and to guide the parties to negotiate on these options in the upcoming session. The role played by mediator in this phase includes the following; firstly, the mediator has to ensure both the parties that the private session is strictly confidential and therefore they can discuss the issues and agendas which they did not discuss in the

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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American Case Study - 2

Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American - Case Study Example Joe can apply the selected learning theory (operant conditioning) in a number of ways to improve his employees’ performance.   Firstly, this model can be directly linked to good employee morale and thereby indirectly to increased productivity in the workplace. A positive reinforcement in the form of verbal praise or pay increase would assist Joe to elicit a desired employee response. A positive response from employees in turn may aid the company to increase its productivity to a desired level. The Great North American may have numerous business projects to be completed in preplanned time. Such projects would involve a group of employees working together to accomplish a common goal. If any of the project team members fails to meet his/her individual duties and responsibilities, this situation would adversely affect the progress of the entire project. Consequently, such a situation may lead to conflicts among project team members, punishment from top executives, and loss of market reputation. As Fagnani points out, the operant conditioning model makes all employees accountable for their individual actions and attractively rewards outstandingly performing teams (â€Å"Operate conditioning†). Hence, this model may assist Joe to complete business projects successfully on time and within a fixed budget.    Effective diversity management is another fruitful advantage of the operant conditioning concept. The emergence of globalization made employees globally mobile and this situation consequently led to increased level of cultural and ethnic diversity within most organizational settings. In this situation, managers with poor communication skill would often fail to communicate with a diverse group of employees effectively and this situation in turn may result in a productivity decline. The case study indicates that the company is growing rapidly. Therefore, Joe must ensure that his managers have the potential to effectively communicate with the growing employee base. In this context, the operant conditioning model would be beneficial for Joe to enhance leadership training programs and thereby make certain that his managers are efficient in handling a global audience.  

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CAPITAL INVESTMENT ANALYSIS - TWIN FALLS HOSPITAL - Article Example Reduction in the sales would require a strategy to increase their revenues - setting up an outpatient centre so as to increase the revenues earned. If the hospital opened a centre for outpatient surgeries, they would help increase the revenues. This would create a balance as the inpatient surgeries earned the community hospital less revenue and the outpatient surgeries would bring in more revenue. (Muth, 2002). To avoid competition, it was advisable to market their outpatient centre and ensure that all their patients realized that they now conducted outpatient surgeries so that all people in the area could visit the community hospital more than other hospitals in the area. This would lead to an increase in total net income for the hospital a they marketed their new centre. If the community hospital invested in the total amount put in, as shown above, due to fluctuations in the prices of equipment each year, they would expect $11,223,557.62 if they increased the amount at rate of 3% per year due to irregularities. The best they could get from the invested amount per year if the rate increased the same way would be $11,483,660.76. The worst case if the rate of income due to irregularities became lower at the same rate per year would be $9,591,959.65. The worst scenario in the analysis above would help the community hospital to gauge whether or not they were willing to bear the risks from the invested amount. The worst case would happen if there were other hospitals in the area that offered more quality services for their outpatient surgeries thus posing great competition for Twin Falls. Another loss would occur if the prices of equipment increased at a very high rate in a year thus leading to more charges for everything they require to purchase. Also, if the market of outpatient surgeries decreased over the years, which was very unlikely, they would have the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario analysis would enable the hospital

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How does the role of the environmental health practitioner (EPH) play Essay

How does the role of the environmental health practitioner (EPH) play a part in protecting the health of the public - Essay Example They are liable for developing, implementing and enforcing health policies using specialist skills and knowledge to maintain and safeguard standards relating to people’s health and wellbeing. Environmental health practitioners implement prevention and strive for health wellness and promotion. Health prevention aims to promote healthy behaviours and foster safe environments that minimize the risk of diseases. Environmental health practitioners thus focus on the different areas of environmental health in protecting the health of the public, which include (1) Food safety, (2) Health and Safety, (3) Housing, Environmental Protection and (4) Public Health. The duty of the environmental health practitioner is to check food safety in all the stages of production from storage to distribution. They do this by implementing health protection by actions such as visiting food premises and advising managers on hygiene and safety. Moreover, they follow a regulatory framework for preventing infectious diseases in place. They also ensure food safety by educating food handlers, as well as raising consumer awareness on how to avoid food poisoning at homes. Additionally, environmental health practitioners ensure that food handlers and food premises follow laws and regulations regarding to food safety, imported food control, inspect premises to make sure that health standards are maintained, check to see that food is safe and take any suspected food if found, investigating possible offences and taking companies and individuals to court if they break any of the food safety laws (Meggitt 2003: 168). Moreover, environmental health practitioners enforce smoke-free legislation, investigate food poisoning outbreaks, develop policies to limit the number of fast food premises near schools and promote healthier menus (Mckimm & McLean 2011: 626-631). In regard to food safety, environmental health practitioners carry out food hygiene and standards inspections (Fiona & Wright 2014:

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Astronomy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Astronomy - Essay Example b. what is the significance or importance of patterns or cycles in nature to the development of science? Patterns or cycles help science by predicting behavior of seasons, planet movement, and other aspects of our environment. The prediction of these seasons were vital to the survival of ancient people, and still help farmers today. Without these predictions humans would have no food. Astronomy helped ancient civilizations predict the seasons, create temples, invent astronomy and even create gods out of the sky. The practical uses were the making of a calendar to predict seasons. This helped with harvesting food, plan for harsh climates, and gave ancient civilizations a way to document time. 5. describe the apparent motions of the planets in the sky. The planets seem to have the apparent motions of back and forth depending on their orbit and the earth’s position. This proves that all the planets have their own orbits around the sun. 7. how did kepler first try to relate the spacing of the orbits of the planets? Why did kepler find this approach philosophically satisfying? Kepler felt that the spacing of the planet orbits was spiritual. The universe was built in God’s image. The sun was God the Father, the Earth the Son, and everything in between the Holy Spirit. Kepler felt science and religion could compliment each other. On February 4, 1600, Kepler met Tycho Brahe at Benà ¡tky nad Jizerou in Poland. This is where Tychos new observatory was being constructed. This observatory was for Tycho’s studies on Mars. Kepler’s political and religious troubles in Poland plagued the mutual work of Kepler and Tycho. "Since the divine benevolence has vouchsafed us Tycho Brahe, a most diligent observer, from whose observations the 8 error in this Ptolemaic computation is shown, it is fitting that we with thankful mind both acknowledge and honor this benefit of God... For if I had thought I could ignore

Richard Nixon Essay Example for Free

Richard Nixon Essay Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974, when he became the only president to resign the office. Nixon had previously served as a Republican U.S. representative and senator from California and as the 36th Vice President of the United States from 1953 to 1961. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California. He graduated from Whittier College in 1934 and Duke University School of Law in 1937, returning to California to practice law. He and his wife, Pat Nixon, moved to Washington to work for the federal government in 1942. He subsequently served in the United States Navy during World War II. Nixon was elected in California to the House of Representatives in 1946 and to the Senate in 1950. His pursuit of the Alger Hiss case established his reputation as a leading anti-communist, and elevated him to national prominence. He was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican Party presidential nominee in the 1952 election. Nixon served for eight years as vice president. He waged an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1960, narrowly losing to John F. Kennedy, and lost a race for Governor of California in 1962. In 1968, he ran again for the presidency and was elected. Although Nixon initially escalated Americas involvement in the Vietnam War, he subsequently ended U.S. involvement in 1973. NixonsRichard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974, when he became the only president to resign the office. Nixon had previously served as a Republican U.S. representative and senator from California and as the 36th Vice President of the United States from 1953 to 1961. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California. He graduated from Whittier College in 1934 and Duke University School of Law in 1937, returning to California to practice law. He and his wife, Pat Nixon, moved to Washington to work for the federal government in 1942. He subsequently served in the United States Navy during World War II. Nixon was elected in California to the House of Representatives in 1946 and to the Senate in 1950. His pursuit of the Alger Hiss case established his reputation as a leading anti-communist, and elevated him to national prominence. He was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican Party presidential nominee in the 1952 election. Nixon served for eight years as vice president. He waged an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1960, narrowly losing to John F. Kennedy, and lost a race for Governor of California in 1962. In 1968, he ran again for the presidency and was elected. Although Nixon initially escalated Americas involvement in the Vietnam War, he subsequently ended U.S. involvement in 1973. Nixons

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Dark Child Essay Example for Free

Dark Child Essay Ideology-Countries whose history is strongly marked by western European immigration or settlement, such as the Americans, and the Australians, and is not restricted to Western Europe (Wikidpedia. org). Many countries around the world have been influenced by the western ideology. Western Ideology includes components such as literary, education, political and philosophical views, and most of all, religion. In the autobiography, â€Å"The Dark Child†, Camara Laye, is a person who faces these types of challenges. He becomes stuck between his own traditional and the western ideologies. In the Dark Child, Camara Laye’s youth and development of his cultural and personal values as a young man is explained. He is part of the Malinke tribe in the village of Koroussa in Upper Guinea and is eldest out of many brothers and sisters. In the beginning, he learns about many of the traditions and customs his people. He is told about Totemism-the fact that everybody has a spiritual animal that is chosen by the person’s character. While learning about his people, he has attends a Koran school and then a French school in another part of town. Later in the book, he learns about Konden Diara- a ceremony that is a ritual used to conquer a boy’s fear before the initiation of circumcision. He undergoes the ritual and circumcision-represents a rite of passage –a boy is now a man. After graduating from his school, Laye leaves at 15 years of age to attend a technical college in Guineas capital city of Conakry. Like any mother, Layes warns him to be careful with strangers and sends him off on a train to live with his Uncles Sekou and Mamadou in Conakry where he comes across many cultural changes. In the school, in a new city for the first time in his experience, Laye encounters difficult language barriers and a hot, humid climate more taxing and oppressive than that in his Koroussa home. He also seeks changes during the day where people at their work are dressed in a Western style, but in boubou’s when they come home from work. Laye lives the life of a typical college school student, studying at the schools campus and returning home to Koroussa during the holidays. When he returns, he sees the transformation within his family and friends. Later, he finishes his studies in Conakry and is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to study in France. His mother greatly disapproves, but Laye and his father convinces his mother. At the end of the book, Laye leaves for France, and promises to himself that he will return to his people. As I was reading the book, it made realize the position of Africa and where it stood as a country. I felt distinctly as I was reading throughout the book, western values and traditions were overrunning the traditions of not only Africa but Laye’s life as well. Since the beginning of the book, he not an ordinary child in the village peoples eyes. He was one of the many who was sent out to attend school and be educated. His father knew what was to come of Africa, modernization. In my opinion, I think his father placed Laye in school for the purpose to contribute to his people, as oppose to being a goldsmith like himself. As he moved to Conakry, he moved in with his uncle Mamadou. His uncle lived in a European-style house. Was it unfamiliarity, or the humid heat of the town, or the fatigue of two days in the train that kept me from sleeping? Yet it was a very comfortable house: the room I slept in was large, and the bed soft, softer than any I had previously slept on† (147). Laye was astonished about his living headquarters. He was not used to this style and roominess. As I earlier stated, people in Conakry dressed differently during the day than at home. It took him a little while to get used to this as well. Later in the book, he woul d return home during the holidays. As he came back, he noticed that his mother had been plastered with white clay. â€Å"Originally it had been like the other huts, but gradually it began to acquire a European look† (169). His was trying to adapt to the style of the west through her son’s experience in Conakry. She was expressing not only her love for Laye, but also her feelings toward the western tradition. While he was in his village, one of his friends’ Chet was seriously ill. The medicine men gave him remedies and charms to help her but there was no significant change at all. Laye and his other friend knew that he had to see a white doctor at the hospital. Chet passed away after a week. Because of Laye’s education from the west, he knew that the medicine men were insufficient. From experiences and education of the west, he has become a man with wisdom of both cultures. â€Å"The Dark Child† is a wonderful journey through Camara Laye’s personal experiences. It shares many of his experiences and challenges through his life as a youth and young man. I really enjoyed the book and thought it was really educating.

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Patricia Piccinini and David Hockney Comparison

Patricia Piccinini and David Hockney Comparison Art explores many elements of life and the world. It explores and represents meanings in which are interpreted by the audience in various ways. Artists use different techniques to enhance their own individual message or perspective, whether it be distinctively clear or subtle. Artists such as Patricia Piccinini explore identity through life-like animal sculptures that resemble human characteristics. Her message is more powerful in analysis rather than first glance. David Hockney is also an artist who explores identity of the individual by representing lifes journey through his technique of photo montage. Art is the representation of the many elements of human life. It is the expression of emotion, the representation of objects or landscapes, life experiences and it can also be the representation of people and events. Identity can be represented as well as constructed in the visual arts. Many artists are able to do this in diverse and individual ways. Patricia Piccininis controversial artworks explore the identity and contrast between human and animal life. David Hockneys photo montage illustrates a very different approach to represent and construct identity. His artwork explores this concept through a narrative based artwork that represents lifes individual journey each must take in order to construct ones true identity. However, it is not only these two artists that explore identity. There are numerous artists who explore identity in a variety of ways. Some more subtle than others. This is because identity can be explored in so many different ways. Identity can be seen as a national identity, community identity, cultural, physical, professional, individual, sexual-orientation or marital status etc. There are many artists that explore these identities. Piccinini has explored the physical identity and relationship between human and animal. Whereas Hockney has explored the individual identity, and the path we journey through our lives Identity can be defined as individual characteristics by which a person is recognised or known. Art is a mirror image of a persons identity, circle of influence, and perceived worlds or realities. Art reflects what we feel, think, practice, believe, or imagine (Gaskins, N. 2010). Both Patricia Piccinini and David Hockney represent this in different ways by taking different approaches. Piccininis work is known for her extravagant and controversial life-like sculptures which present a more obvious meaning than that of Hockney. Through the use of symbolism, Hockneys photo montage creates a more subtle representation of identity. It is only with more analysis that Hockneys creation can be more understood. Although the audience perspectives can vary in conclusion as each individual can perceive this narrative type artwork and relate to the journey offered and constructed in different ways. The Young Family (2002-3) Apart from the image that is represented, there is often a second meaning within the artwork, (Clack, M. 2010). At a glance; the work of Patricia Piccinini is disturbing and questionable, hence the reason for the controversial perspectives. However if looked at with more depth and analysis, her artworks become interestingly engaging. The way in which she represents and constructs identity is far different to other artists. Patricia Piccinini is an artist who explores the frontiers of science and technology through her sculptures, photographs and video environments (Kent, R. 2002). Within her artwork she is able to construct a powerful message; that enables her to express personal view on a topic. The work makes public something other than itself; it manifests something other; it is an allegory (Clack, M. 2010). Personal identity and the issues surrounding it lie at the core of Piccininis project. Her works invite the question: what is it that makes us who we are? (Kent, R. 2002). Her artwork titled, The Young Family (2003) has sparked a lot of controversy because of the many perspectives it represents. Her life-like imagery is about compromises about being able to find beauty in a world which can never be perfect. (Papastergiadis, N. 2002). This artwork explores the distinction between animal and human characteristics. The similarities of both identities are obvious, which is what Patricia Piccinini is trying to portray. In a political and scientific perspective the inspiration behind this work is the expectation that we have of growing human organs in other species (Piccinini, P. 2003). In this artwork motherhood is one of the traits we share with animals; Patricia Piccinini has evidently shown this. From synthetic landscapes to artificial life forms, Piccinini creates a world in which fa ct, fiction and fantasy co-exist. She begs the question: what, in our rapidly changing world, constitutes the real anyway? (Kent, R. 2002). Pearblossom Hwy (1986) David Hockneys artwork, Pearblossom Hwy approaches the representation of identity in another way. Hockneys work clearly depicts his life and his love ones (Research Paper 2008). Represented in his artworks is a timeline of individual life on earth. He identifies that individuals have many paths they need to be inevitably travelled with many obstacles on the way. The art work consists of a lot of symbolism. Hockney has used the various stop signs in order to represent the individuals own life obstacles. In life many people will stop to think, is this decision Im about to make the right one? What path should I follow next? Who am I as an individual? etc. One of the many perspectives this artwork offers is that the collage is trying to say that in the beginning of life, people are unknowing of what they will do in their future or that they are lost in life. The end of the highway symbolizes certainty and strength about ones life. (Research Paper 2008). Hockneys art is created for his viewers. His drawings are designed in a special way so that they can be animated to be in the mind of the viewer (Research Paper 2008). David Hockneys aim is to take the audience on a journey that he has created, but one that means something different to each individual. This journey is the exploration of identity. He has captured within this artwork the similarities in lifes journeys, but it is how each individual interprets the story. Identity varies from society to society and individual to individual as variation of systems or personality (Art. 2010). In comparison to Patricia Piccininis artwork, The young family, Hockneys artwork relates solely to each individual. It explores numerous story lines as the interpretation of his artwork differs for each audience member. The identity he explores is more easily related to than that of Piccinini. Patricias outlook on identity explores the similarities between human and animal characteristics, very similar to the evolution theory, the apes transition into human form. Ideas about nature and its simulation are central to Piccininis works, inviting us to question what is real and what is not (Kent, R. 2002). Whereas Hockneys, Pearblossom Hwy explores the concept of what will the individuals future bring? Who am I? Who will I become?. It is more an intimate reflection of ones self. In conclusion, there are many artists who explore and represent identity in many forms and techniques. So in evaluating what is art. Many believe that it is the representation of the many elements of human life such as emotions, objects or landscapes, life experiences, people and events. Patricia Piccinini and David Hockney, while they both explore identity, their ideas and perspectives are entirely different. Patricia Piccininis controversial artworks explore the identity and contrast between human and animal life. While David Hockneys photo montage illustrates a narrative based artwork that represents lifes individual journey each must take in order to construct ones true identity.

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Julie Taymor’s Titus Andronicus Essay -- Titus Andronicus Essays

Julie Taymor’s Titus Andronicus Shakespeare's first tragedy has been a topic of discussion since the day it was written. Titus Andronicus "was staged on 24 January 1594 by the Earl of Sussex's Men at the Rose Theatre" (Welsh 1). Though this tidbit of information seems somewhat irrelevant to Titus, we must note that there are certain standards and practices established by a play from its first performance. It is also important to establish the general attributes that audiences attribute to Shakespearean performance. One of the distinguishing factors in portraying Titus centers in its origin: "Titus Andronicus [...] must be considered as an experimental play" (Bowers 118). Being Shakespeare's first attempt at tragedy, it obviously has room for error. Yet, as some critics and scholars would say, I believe there is a similar element found in all of Shakespeare's works, no matter when they were written: "Shakespeare constantly reminds us that the character's predicament and humanity is very like our own" (Barton 184). No matter what the plot is, or where he chose to set the story, Shakespeare captures a fundamental element of humanity. Within Titus Andronicus, it is undoubtedly humanity's search for revenge: "Titus Andronicus is a play of social piety, outrage, suffering, and revenge" (Barber 133). The first three elements that Barber attributes to the work are consequential to the fourth; it is the revenge and spite of Titus, Tamora, and Aaron that fuel the other three elements. The other distinguishing feature is the blood and gore that pervades the entire work. Numerous people, such as a fellow colleague of mine, actually dismiss the work due to the horrific acts committed by the characters. Yet if ... ...ives/00titus.html Barber, C.L. Creating Elizabethan Tragedy. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1988. Barton, John. Playing Shakespeare. London: Methuen Drama, 1989. Bowers, Fredson. Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1940. Corliss, Richard. "Titus." Time 27 December 1999: 166-170. Granger, Susan. "Titus." 1999. Karten, Harvey. "Titus." 2000. Lindroth, Mary. "'Some device of further misery': Taymor's Titus brings Shakespeare to film audiences with a twist." Literature/Film Quarterly 29 (2001): 107-115. Travers, Peter. "Titus." Rolling Stone 17 February 2000: 64. Welsh, Jim and John Tibbetts. "'To sup with horrors': Julie Taymor's Senecan feast." Literature/Film Quarterly 28 (2000): 155-156.

bill gates :: essays research papers fc

William H. Gates III Biographical Essay Uploaded by surfchick (2074) on Jan 5, 2005 William H. Gates III (Bill Gates) Biography On October 28, 1955 William H. Gates III (nicknamed "trey") was born in Seattle. His father was a lawyer (William H. Gates II) and his mother was a schoolteacher. He also had two older sisters who were in high school when Bill was born. Bill attended a public elementary school before he moved to a private school in North Seattle named Lakeside. Lakeside's strong academics enabled Bill to actively get involved with computers (which were the love of his life next to baseball) and use his superior intellect. This was the beginning of a long and successful career in computers. Bill combined his intellect and visions of technology along with his active participation in may charities to make our world a better place. He was born with a long family history of business, politics and community services. His grand father was the vice president of a national bank, and his father was a prominent lawyer. Early in life it was obvious that Bill Gates inherited the ambition, intelligence and competitive spirits that helped the rest of his family rise to the top in their chosen professions. In elementary school he quickly surpassed all of his peer's abilities in nearly all subjects, especially in math and science. His parents recognized his intelligence and decided to enroll him in Lakeside, a private school known for its intense academic environment. It was at Lakeside that he was first introduced to computers. In the spring of 1968 the Lakeside Prep School concluded that it should acquaint the student body with the world of computers. They were still too large and costly for the school to purchase it's own, so instead they had a fund raiser and bought computer time on a DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electric. A few thousand dollars were raised which the school figured would buy more than enough time to last into the next school year. But they had drastically underestimated the amount of students that would be addicted to this machine. With in a week all of the school's computer time had been used up. Bill and his friends went to places that made computers and finally found a company that would let them use their computers for free, but they had to record all the times that the computers crashed and exactly what happened so they could fix it.

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Comedic Violence in The Medea, The Oresteia, and Antigone Essay

Comedic Violence in The Medea, The Oresteia, and Antigone      Ã‚  Ã‚   Almost no Greek tragedy escapes the use of violence. The Medea, The Oresteia, Antigone, and other classic works of Grecian tragoidia all involve huge components of violence in many prominent places, and for all of these stories, violent action is an integral part of the play. Medea, especially, is a character worthy of note in this regard; her tumultuous life can be plotted accurately along a path of aggression and passionate fits, and her bloody history lends tension and ascendance to the cathartic events of the gripping Medea. In contrast to this turbulent streak of brutality in Grecian tragedy stands the world of Greek comedy. Violence in comedy is just as much a part of the plot as it is in tragedy; however, this superficial parallel ends the similarity between the two types of stories. Violence in a comedy has its own motives, its own consequences, and its own types of influence, and these differences accumulate to bring a whole new, non-tragic light to the ideas of violence and action in the overall storyline. Between Greek tragedy and comedy, every aspect of violence is different, and the ramifications of this disagreement are far-reaching.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A first comparison of violence between The Medea and Lysistrata leads to an important and ironic conclusion. In The Medea, violence is a pivotal component of the story's message. Medea herself is easily the most physically violent character in the story, and her methods in its plot resort to pain and death when there is conflict in need of resolution. Despite this, the actual tension in the story is not born of violence; rather, it is born of love and social strife. Jason, Medea's husband, is taking a n... ...akes something a comedy and what makes something tragic.    Works Cited    Aeschylus the Oresteia trans. Robert Fagles, New York: Penguin Books, 1976.    Antigone by Sophocles. Translated by R. C. Jebb. no pag.    Euripedes. Medea, in Euripedes I. Ed. David Grene and Richmond Lattimore. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955.    Goldhill, S. Reading Greek Tragedy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.    Heidegger, Martin. "The Ode on Man in Sophocles' Antigone." In Sophocles: A Collection of Critical Essays, edited by Thomas Woodard. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1966.    Lucas, F.L. Euripides and His Influence. NY: Cooper Square, 1963.    McDermott, E A (1989) Euripides' Medea: The Incarnation of Disorder. Pennsylvania State University:USA

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Coperate Gorvernance Essay

Executive summary: Cadbury Report (1992) stated that â€Å"corporate governance is the process by which companies and directed and controlled† (cited in Tricker, 2009). In other words, it helps the corporate entities increase the value provided to the organisation’s various stakeholders. Therefore, appropriate corporate governance plays a very important role in development of organisations. This  review will define corporate governance and some of its concepts (through the paper). Following, the review will give a Memorandum or a general introduction about Nufarm, which is a publicly listed company and then consider the structure, process and effectiveness of its governance. Besides, the paper will mention about areas such as the composition and responsibilities of the Nufarm Board of Directors, and disclose policies, codes of conduct adopted by the company, which are relevant to the company’s governance scopes. Finally, from information and analyses, there are some recommendations for the Nufarm to achieve appropriate improvements. For example, the company’s governance should recognise and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations and meets high standards with respect to honesty and integrity. In addition, the company should have open and effective communications with its shareholders and the general investment community. Furthermore, the company should have effective methods to review drivers of governance, etc. Table of contents Contents I.Introduction3 II.What is corporate governance?3 III.General introduction about Nufarm, information of the company (Memorandum)3 IV.The Structure, process and effectiveness of the Nufarm’s governance4 The Scope of the company’s Corporate Governance influences the company’s codes:7 V.Recommendations8 VI.References10 I. Introduction Recently, the appearance of high-profile corporate failures, scandals and executive corruption arises the requirement for organisations to follow appropriate corporate governance structures, processes standards and practices. The aim of this paper is to investigate the structure, process and  effectiveness of the governance of Nufarm, a publicly listed company and give recommendations for it to achieve appropriate improvements. II. What is corporate governance? Cadbury report (1992) and OECD (1999) defined that ‘corporate governance is the process by which company are directed and controlled’.  Monks & Minow (2001) suggested that ‘corporate governance is the relationship among various participants in determining the direction and performance of corporations. The primary participants are the shareholders, the management and the board of directors’. OECD (2001) supposed that ‘corporate governance refers to the private and public institutions, including laws, regulations and accepted business practices, which together govern the relationship, in a market economy, between corporate managers and entrepreneurs, on the one hand, and those who invest resources in corporations, on the other III. General introduction about Nufarm, information of the company (Memorandum) Nufarm Limited is a publicly listed company, one of the world’s leading crop protection companies (Nufarm’s website, 2012). The company manufactures products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. Its manufacturing and marketing spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, The Americas and Europe and sells products in more than 100 countries around the world. According to the Nufarm’s website (2012), the company employs more than 2,600 people around the places having its manufacturing and marketing operations, all of whom make a vital contribution to the company’s reputation for quality products, innovation and first class marketing and technical support. Proudly based in Australia, Nufarm is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (with symbol NUF). Its head office is located at Laverton in Melbourne, Australia. Table1: the information contained in the company details table (ASX website, 2012) IV. The Structure, process and effectiveness of the Nufarm’s governance The company’s board structure contains Chairman (Donald Gordon McGauchie), Managing Director/CEO (Doug Rathbone), and five Non Executive Directors who are Anne Bernadette Brennan, Gordon Richard Davis, Bruce Goodfellow, Gary Hounsell, Peter Margin (Nufarm’s website, 2012). According to the company’s website (2012), the Board is the governing body of the Company. The Board is responsible for the oversight of the Company. It is responsible to ensure that the business of the Company is carried out in the best interests of all shareholders and with proper regard to the interests of all other stakeholders. Specifically, the Board has responsibility to protect and enhance the value of the assets of the Company, set strategies and directions and monitor and review those strategic objectives, review and ratify internal controls, codes of conduct and legal compliance, review the Company’s accounts, approve and review the one year operating budget and five year strategic plan for the Company, appoint the Managing Director, evaluate performance and determine the remuneration of the Managing Director and senior executives, ensure the significant risks facing the Company have been identified and adequate control monitoring and reporting mechanisms are in place, approve transactions relating to acquisitions, divestments and capital expenditure above authority limits delegated to management, approve financial and dividend policy, appoint the Company Secretary, ratify the appointment of the Chief Financial Officer (Nufarm’s website, 2012). The managing Director is delegated to be responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the Company. To assist the Board to discharge its responsibilities and duties, the Board has delegated to the Managing Director specific authorities which are subject to appropriate reporting and monitoring procedures. For example: * Shareholder values / corporate strategy: the Managing Director formulates and brings to the Board for review and approval, an appropriate long term strategy for the Nufarm Group  and appropriate financial standards and policies. The strategy is reviewed by the Board at its annual strategic planning review and any changes in financial standards are reviewed by the Audit Committee. * Organisation Planning: the Managing Director formulates an appropriate human resources policy which is reviewed by the Board annually. * Capital Allocation: The Managing Director approves capital expenditure within limits set by the Board. All approvals made by the Managing Director are reported and reviewed at every Board Meeting. * Company Financial Performance: the Managing Director reports to the Board at each Board Meeting on the financial results of the Company. * Compliance: The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation. In brief, the Board has delegated to the Managing Director all powers required to manage the business of the Company and the Managing Director reports on a monthly basis on all material matters affecting the Nufarm Group to the Board. Besides, The Board has three committees: the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee. These Board Committees review and analyse policies and strategies within their specific terms of reference. The Board Committees examine proposals and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Board. The Board Committees do not take direct action or make decisions on behalf of the Board unless specifically mandated by prior Board authority (Nufarm’s website). The Nomination Committee consists of three non-executive Directors and is comprised of a majority of independent Directors. The Committee’s purpose is to develop criteria for Board membership and identify specific individuals for nomination; and establish processes for the review of the performance of individual Directors and the Board as a whole. The duties of this committee is facilitating a Board performance assessment, develop criteria for Board membership, identify suitably skilled, qualified and experienced individuals for nomination and to establish processes for the review of the performance of Directors. According to Tricker (2012, p.283), ‘the essential and original role of the audit committee is to act as a bridge between the independent external auditors and the board, avoiding the possibility of powerful executive directors’ and over the years the role and responsibilities of the committee have expanded. Nufarm company’s Audit Committee’s primary function is to assist the Board in fulfilling its corporate governance responsibilities in regard to financial reporting, audit and risk management, including: oversight of the preparation of Nufarm Limited’s (the Group) financial reporting; compliance with legal and regulatory obligations; oversight of the effectiveness of the Group’s enterprise-wide risk management and internal control framework; and oversight of the relationship with the external and internal auditors. The specific duties and responsibilities of the company’s audit committee in meeting will be: report Committee actions to the Board with such recommendations as the Committee may deem appropriate (e.g. The Committee will report to the Board immediately if it becomes aware of any material misstatement in financial information provided by management to the Board or of any material breakdown in internal controls), continuously monitor a framework and processes for compliance with laws, regulations, standards, best practice guidelines and the Group’s code of conduct, maintain suitable interaction with the Health Safety & Environment Committee and the Nomination & Governance Committee, perform such other functions assigned by law, the Company’s Constitution, or the Board. The Remuneration Committee’s purpose is to recommend to the Board policies and practices which enable Nufarm to attract, develop, retain and motivate high caliber Directors and executives. The Committee will review and make recommendations on policies for remuneration, development, retention and termination of Directors and Key Management Personnel (KMP). The Committee’s duties are to review and make recommendations to the Board in relation to Nufarm’s Board and executive remuneration strategy, structure and practice with regard to: Nufarm strategic objectives; corporate governance principles; and competitive practice. The specific matters the Committee may consider include the review of: executive management and Directors’  remuneration, including the link between Company and individual performance; current industry best practice; the outcome of the annual vote on the adoption of the Remuneration Report; different methods for remunerating senior management and Directors including superannuation arrangements; 2/4 existing or proposed incentive schemes; retirement and termination benefits and payments for senior management; professional indemnity and liability insurance policies. The Committee is responsible for seeking and approving remuneration advisers that will provide independent remuneration advice, as appropriate, on Board, CEO and other KMP remuneration strategy, structure practice and disclosure. However, according to the company website (2012), the Committee does not have executive powers to commit the Board or management to its recommendations except where authorised by a resolution of the Board nor become involved in day to day management activities or decision making. The Scope of the company’s Corporate Governance influences the company’s codes: According to Tricker (2012), the structure, the membership and the process of the governing body are central to corporate governance. However, the relations with shareholders, contractual stakeholders, legal institutions, etc also influence the structure and operation of Nufarm’s corporate governance. Therefore, the company’s corporate governance refers to the private and public institutions, including laws, regulations and public institutions, which together govern the relationship between corporate managers and entrepreneurs, on the one hand, and those who invest resources in corporations on the other (Tricker, 2012). For example, the company’s code of conduct is governed by and contrasted in accordance with the laws in the State of Victoria, Australia. Besides, Nufarm has ensured to be compliance with the ASX Listing Rules, and ensured that Key Management Personnel and their associates are aware of the legal restrictions in dealing in Nufarm’s shares, options or other securities while such a person is in possession of unpublished price sensitive information concerning Nufarm. V. Recommendations There are some recommendations in order for Nufarm to make appropriate  improvements for its corporate governance are: Firstly, Nufarm should conduct its business in a manner which recognises and adheres to all relevant laws and regulations and meets high standards with respect to honesty and integrity. In order to meet this commitment, we require all Nufarm directors, employees, contractors and consultants to be familiar with and uphold the company’s code of conduct in all business dealings. Besides, according to Tricker (2012), the Board, which determines whether the company’s governance is good, is the major driving force in a company. However, there are other drivers of good governance in the company such as shareholders. Therefore, the company should have open and effective communications with its shareholders and the general investment community. For example, with shareholders, the company should adopt a shareholder communications policy in order to: * Ensure that shareholders and the financial markets are provided with full and timely information about its activities; * Comply with continuous disclosure obligations contained in applicable Listing Rules and the Corporations Act in Australia as well as industry guidelines such as the Australasian Investor Relations Associations’, Best Practice Guidelines for Communication between Listed Entities and the Investment Community; and Ensure equality of access to briefings, presentations and meetings for shareholders, analysts and media. * Encourage attendance and voting at shareholder meetings; The company’s Remuneration Committee should review induction and development arrangements for the Board to ensure Board members gain and maintain a suitable level of knowledge about Nufarm. Audit Committee should usually review and make recommendations to the Board on the Nufarm Diversity Policy ensuring the Policy is in line with applicable legislation and governance principles. Self-assess whether the Committees comply with its membership requirements at least once every year. Critically review the Remuneration Committee Charter at least once per year to ensure its relevance and compliance with overall governance legislative requirements and best practice. VI. References Monks, B., Nell, M. 2007, Corporate Governance, 4th edn, Chichester, UK:Wiley. Tricker, B. 2009, Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices, Oxford University Press. Nufarm website 2012, , viewed 15 July, 2012. ASX website 2012, Nufarm Limited (NUF), , viewed 15 July, 2012.

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Enterprise Strategy Essay

This eccentric of none structure that is E- occupation is more common in the developed countries than in third sept countries to sell products customers in the comforter of their cornerstones is customary in these countries, so Fore dearin Passman the builder and general manager plans to subscribe widespread this type of avocation heretofore in a developing country, Botswana. 1. 0 THE entrepreneur 1. 1 The motivation for skip overing the tune ask extinct fixingss argon exploiting opportunity and a financial bonus whilst the push factor that take him to open the agate line was little terror of unemployment.The earn factors He was pulled into this phone line beca sour he precious to exploit an opportunity to sell thingumajigs much(prenominal) as t ensuretedts i. e. Apples Ipads, viragos Kindle and Barnes &Nobles the nook. wherefore he determined to open root infinitesimal, a predominantly practical(prenominal) companion, having runty natural pre sence and high mesh presence. After a m subterfuge query he legitimateise that nearly gad initiate stores in Botswana undermine pro move art and he unflinching to exploit this opportunity.Citing close gadget stores be set up according to a strategy and be purposely de sign to make customer experience as pleasant as possible further their websites normally do not do a akin strategy applied to them, as the sites be normally a glorified air card that does not engage visitors and in whatever cases flush harm the business image. Mr Passman was in addition pulled to gain financial incentive he paid meticulous vigilance to primary research in tell to weigh the benefits, the cost and opportunities of his court. The push factors The threat of unemployment is the only push factor that influenced Fore undecomposedin to start his business.At age 18 he performed poorly in his A-level results which caused him to fail to fall out a business degree at university, opposite t han compromising and pursuing other degree programmes that he lacked interest in he decided to re-sit some examinations. Whilst in search for examination results he did not want to be considered to be pick of the unemployed so he started his comp either concourse elflike. 1. 2 Fore fair(a)in Passmans character traits Proactive- he is one of the a few(prenominal) race who do not believe in luck, he seeks afterwards opportunities other than wait for them to pre move themselves to him.He is in like manner debauched and decisive, when faced with the dilemma of whether to go into respect able conventional retailing he decided and to have the virtual retailing, where he has restrain physical presence and a fully-fledged mesh presence. His logic behind such(prenominal) a decision universe that the internet is a necessary portal for success in the 21st century business and beyond. He is regarded by some a un comfy while he considers himself slow tire because as he says he i s easily diverted to the most recent grocery opportunity.He is peculiarly known as a man who acts and accordinglyce learns from the outcomes of his action, and consequently far his upbeat approach has earned positively to advance the caller-up. Visionary- Mr Passman has and had a clear visual sense for group elflike for it to fabricate a household name in virtual companies of Africa and to be an expert in Africas virtual commercialize lacuna. He wants throng teeny to be benchmarked by whatever worldwide ships comp some(prenominal) exploring to invest in the virtual market protrude of Africa. in a flash this visionary flair has positioned him to be ceaselessly at the right place at the right time and beingness able snatch opportunities inside his vision. 1. MR Passmans nature type Mr Forejustin Passman is certainly spontaneous. intuitive because most of the things he does, he does instinctively. This matches positively with his proactive character trait mention ed previously in section 1. 2. He is a creative, dashing and open-minded person. His humorous nature disposes a contagious zest for life. Forejustins ebullience and sparkling energy inspires the team to be given harder, his strengths on that pointfore be creative bother solutions, discovering unfermented ways and opportunities, the abstractization of new ideas on one hand, provided not so much his concrete murder of instrument on the other.To compensate for this weakness he has staff of capable colleagues that takes over his concepts and runs with them. Spontaneous is the best classification of Mr Passman, other than classifying him as an introvert or extrovert which is a widely used approach of personality type definition, which in some cases is limiting to define peculiar unmarrieds as Mr Forejustin Passman. 1. 4 Decision devising and leadership title Decision making style Forejustin Passmans decision making style is conceptual.He has high tolerance for ambiguity in that even when he was not satisfying how Batswana lead respond to an e-business he heretofore went on decided to do what he planned. He has a broad brain in business, with the resident of truth being not enough Batswana ar attached to internet currently, he deemed it fit to go ahead because most industries somewhat the conception be adopting e-business and even though Botswana is compose lagging behind the time is rargonfied for her as well to combine in. His conceptual decision making style is likewise evident in that he has found a creative way to run the local anaesthetic problem of segregated consume and supply.Where people in difficult to range aras have a high standard demand of some products from businesses yet they give the bouncenot touch on those businesses to be supplied with what they demand, so he decided the customers go forth shop in the comfort of their own far away home and he will deliver the products to them. 1. 5 Leadership style Laisse z-faire style, he is a leader who has consciously make a decision to pass sharpen of power to the outsourced employees. He considered since the workforce is already talented and qualified to do the meditate they must be able to positively exercise judgement to respond to issues.Mr Passman just now sets out the targets and deadlines afterwards he charges the taskforce to do the work that is at hand, he is not rattling interested in how they do the job he just wants the work to be done in ascribable time. Some have criticised his type of leadership saying he is risking the success of his business by delegating power the employees nevertheless according to him this type of environment breeds creativity, and that is what he wants from his team, creative ways to solve problems, which is a direct match to his decision making style he wants them to think alike(p) him. 1. 6 Mr Forejustin Passmans role within the businessForejustin oversees the review of throng undersizeds corporate strategy, looks for market opportunities, acquires strategic additions and protects multitude minutes real competencies. As this organisation is relatively small, Forejustin has choose this multidisciplinary role. His acquisition of strategic assets is done in say to solidify their position in the market, he cites sometimes organic instruction is too slow for the connections vision therefore acquisition of some assets provides an movement to desired growth. The staff The bulk of his staff is outsourced, the employees argon super wise to(p) to the highest degree internet business.Being a cheerful entrepreneur he advocates for a cheerful workforce because he believes if employees are happy that drives up productivity which in turn brings healthier profit margins. 1. 7 Entrepreneurial mesh topologying Forejustins decision to efficaciously earnings sprung up in the showtime stages of his business, he wanted a denounce for conference fine and he just happened to remem ber months earlier he sent his broken estimator to some youngish technicians one of them named Kabelo had recently graduated from a creative arts university of Limkokwing where he seatvas graphic designing.He had saved his contacts in case he needed computer help just now his contact appall up birthing more than just computer solutions provided besides a trademark for his business. This was a highlight to Forejustin that nedeucerking especially in baronial networking is a tool for success, his reply * He strikes conversations with strangers, to get any art object of information he advise, ex sorts contacts with such an exclusive and then regularly contact that individual until they establish a network that can provide him relevant business information, advice and endure dish outs. Chats with movers and shakers of different industries in order to get some referrals and leads. Mr Passmans formal networks In this the entrepreneur is lacking. He has not signed up to any fo rmal network which means his chances for collaborative opportunities with others are diminished. It is highly unlikely for him to form new business relationships and lastly it is slow to solve problems because there is no access to a satisfying number of possible solution providers as emphasised by Kay (2010).His professed inhibitors to formal networking are high membership fees of some formal arrangements. He also attributed inflexible merged timetable for some of these formal networks as a major stay for him join as he prefers groups that are open where he can come on mundane drop in basis. But considerations are still being made to join the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) network an outlet that informs and organizes exhibitions for small opening moves. 1. 8 world in that location a certain drivers of intro that prompted Forejustin Passman to pursue e-business and figure a, is quite an very useful in illustrating that. stemma Sheth and break apart (1987) Figure a Because o f expert advances, after the internet boom he realised he needed to adopt an approach in business which matches the changes in technology. The change in technology alters the business environment. This then means that threshold competencies and basic resources are re specify, he implication to Forejustins company is, whatever used to be basic necessities of self-made concern is now redefined to fit the current robust and continually changing business environment. classify subatomics business environment is no long-range just about having the right gadgets, it is also about close interaction with customers and widespread, legal trade therefore Mr Passman had to approach service delivery differently. Competition for selling gadgets has intensified, with improbable Connections, Hi-Fi, Game and other gadgets stores exerting pressure, grouping Little had to distinguish itself by going online. understand that service delivery is directly related to the customers psyche he fou nd it fit to offer technological products in a technological syllabus such as the internet which sends a message to customers of technological proficiency. He also had to innovate since customer needs are publicly changing consequently he had to effectively address them. The weakness of his advance(a) approach still though knowledge expertness is commendable and obtaining ideas from the international front is promote it is evident Forejustin Passman has failed to address the contextualization of this worldwide trend.His fee outlets for instance should have been modified to fit the tralatitious payment outlets other than just adopting the internationally proclaimed payment system PayPal. 2. 0 The go-ahead 2. 1 business organisation strategy According to Meyer (2010) strategy is the wariness and scope of an organisation over the long-term. commonplace enterprise strategy Emergent strategy is Group Littles pick out strategy. Having considered the high turbulence in the in dustriousness he trades in Mr Passman decided to use this approach to guide his business. This strategy has been take since this industry is uncertainty and innovation based.It allows frequent feedback on the business environment which in turn permits reallocation of resources to address any information that is received about any changes in the business external environment. operations strategy Figure b Sourceibbusinessand forethought. com(2012) Using Michael Porters generic wine representative figure b above, Forejustin has opted eminence operating(a) strategy. In this strategy alone(predicate) attributes that are valued by customers and which are perceived to be better than the gadgets of the competitor are intensively adopted by Group Little.This company has the following inside strengths to make this differentiation strategy fortunate * Highly skilled and creative development team. * Strong sales team with the ability to no-hitly communicate the perceived strengths of th e gadgets The risks connect with this strategy include imitation by competitors and changes in customer tastes. In addition, a range of firms pursuing focus strategies may be able to achieve even greater differentiation in their market segments. 2. 2 E-businessAs Group Little is a typical example of an e-business it is quite instructive to use the SWOT illustration to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats this organisation it has Strengths worldwide equal to marketing. Since the web is an international political platform Group Littles marketing is not just limited to local media and advertising opportunities it spreads out to other regions. There is improved customer interaction. The customer and the enterprise meet in the comfort order of the customer, therefore the customer can openly offer ideas, orders and even complaints all this will better Group Littles service delivery.Weaknesses Security customers are eternally concerned with the integrity of th eir payments, most jump away from revealing confidential believe information in the web, which costs Group Little significantly. The other weakness is the customer has no idea of the quality and physical condition of the gadgets it is very common for discrepancies to endure between what sites advertise and the actual product. Opportunities tender technologies surfacing could open up internet accessibility in Botswana which will be advantageous to Forejustins company since the critics line of credit pivots around this matter.Group Little also has prospects on cutting down local competition. As local competition has not adequately used the online trading space which can give Group Little an online matched advantage if Forejustin Passman chooses to invest significantly to develop this area. Threats Fraud given that there are some individuals that are out to cozen for financial gain are always Mr Passmans concern, they may fake Group Littles website and deceive the customers. C hanges in law and regulation are always a threat.Regulatory administration to protect customers from fraud they may place laws and regulations that will stifle Group Littles competitiveness. 2. 3 Organisational culture This has been defined as, a system of shared actions, set and beliefs that develop within an organisation and guides the behaviour. This is as cited by Uhl-Bien et al. (2010). Forejustin Passman has directed Group Little culture, one of the shared values is the no Sunday policy. In this Forejustin has reflected his Christian beliefs and his philosophical system of people in advance profit into the federations culture.His belief in matinee idol prompts him to keep the Sabbath which to him is Sunday and his people before profits philosophy leads him to protect their wellbeing by giving them rest on Sunday. Any order placed on Sunday is attended on Monday by rejuvenated and more productive employees. This has its transparent disadvantages such as foregone sales but Mr Passman believes his policy is beneficial to all parties involved. When work is on between Monday to Saturday the team is relaxed and open, this as Forejustin says allows for conception of creative ideas.Any vista that stifles creativity is minimized be it the palpable such as tables or chairs or the intangible aspect like a mental attitude that stigmatizes mistakes. This culture solves two important issues external adaptation, which deals with grasp goals how to reach those goals and if members have developed this freedom to make mistakes they can effectively guide their day-by-day activities. It also solves the issue of internal integration, members can easily merge and share ideas when mistakes are not stigmatized and this leads to greater productivity. . 4 censorious success factors of his business Branding Forejustins Group Little has to create a grunge that appeals to the African technologically adept. at one time as asserted by Perry (2009) a brand is more than ju st a corporate symbol it is an intangible asset that provokes emotional responses from individuals which presents a sustainable competitive advantage. This entrepreneur must position his companys brand to be able to supplement from being one of Botswanas few companies that are committed to successful internet trading.Little is known of Group Little but this is an incentive not a deterrent because the brand can be driven in any direction that Forejustin sees proper to execute his vision. Even though his company was registered with the Registrar of Companies and keen Property in 2009, not long ago every product and or service he introduces must coordinate to the strategy of the company he has to manage Group Littles identity, as the perception portrayed to customers over these few grades is the one that affords the company to leverage on the brand premium.Realising that the companys brand was its critical success factor efforts to protect his brand symbol from misdemeanour were undertook he decided to copyright the brand symbol. Distribution Comprehending their need for effective systems, Group Little has rationalized their distribution systems to enhance procedure of their products. As an attempt to enhance the logistics execution and capabilities Mr Passman decided to form a synergism with Botswana Couriers.This he decided to do in order to quicken delivery of the gadgets sold, in contrast to sending the orders via Botswana Post with their known incompetency he decided to solidify his distribution by having an exclusive compact with Couriers. As Meyer (2010) asserts exclusive distributor agreements will constitute a major impediment to the distributors if the distributor wants to switch from the commitment. In this synergy Group Little is offered discounts because of the volume of gadgets it trades around the country and basic efficiency in the distribution of the products is greatly enhanced.Technology It seems obvious yet still noteworthy that Grou p Little has technology as their trading platform has to remain on prepared and aware of new technology developments. some gadgets they sell use nomadic applications, applications are pieces of software that are designed to conform to a particular purpose, for Group Little that purpose simply is to make easy access to its websites content and extend sales, therefore Group Little is in the process of having their own application.The entrepreneur has looked at engaging a company named adroit labs which operates in Tlokweng for the development of Group Littles very own mobile application this will enable those who have bought these gadgets to also download the application and then browse for more products from Mr Forejustin Passmans Group Little. 2. 5 Conclusion Forejustin Passmans Group Littles performance has been average, but if he can put measures in place to direct its strategy the company will realise its potential to become a benchmark e-business in Botswana and even in Af rica.He simply needs to re-assess who he is and what Group Little is, a point of focus (the target market to approach, how he is going to approach that market). In addition he is required to solidify his networks as this is one business competence he has ignored and it will in the long run cost him and his business from growing from being a small medium enterprise to being the envisioned benchmark multinational. Contextualisation of Group Littles business model also can provide an impetus its success as well, Mr Passman shall consider adopting traditional transaction means in order not to inhibit his business from reaching every possible customer.Bibliography Books 1. Meyer, R, Wit, B, (2010), Strategy-process, content, context an international perspective, 4ed, Hampshire Cengage learning EMEA 2. Perry, B, (2009), Enterprise operations, Oxford Cima publishing 3. Uhl-Bien. M, Schermerhorn J. R. , feed . J G, Osborn R. N, (2010), Organisational behaviour, Hoboken John Wiley & Son s 4. Kay. F, (2010), winning networks, London Kogan Page 5. Yves, L, Goz, G. H, (1998), Alliance Advantage-The art of creating value through partners, Boston Harvard business School Press. 6. Sugars. B, (2012), Super Size your sales, the entrepreneur, August, p. 2 7. Bessant J, Tidd J,(2011), innovation and entrepreneurship, 2ed, Sussex John Wiley and sons 8. Moon. R, Gee. S, (2012), Creating business opportunity, Hampshire Palgrave Macmillan 9. Mullins L. J, (2010), management & organisational behaviour, 9ed, Essex Prentice Hall Websites 10. procreate (2012) Spontaneous idealist online Available from http//mirau. multiply. com/journal/item/116/My-Personality-Type-Spontaneous , accessed 14 December 2012 addendum Personal reflection Studying real entrepreneurs and real companies always equips I as the student beyond lecture content.The take apart of this enterprise and Mr Forejustin Passman was a delight because I got to know interesting real aspects about business, I have lear nt when in real business some academic theories will have to be set diversion and suspended to deal with the challenges of real business. The more I researched I understood what differentiates successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs and that content I learnt were not part of the assignment requisite but I did learn This module lectures are also noteworthy, I figured this was a reiteration of Enterprise anagement I did in my second year, so lectures consisted of emphasis of year two substantial. Even though the material is more or less the comparable as of second year the assessment was interestingly structured, it was strategic rather than operational that seems like an obvious comment but this has really marked the difference in our approach. We were no longer just coverage facts, concepts and academic theories we had to apply and use our educate understanding to critically analyse the business case.

The Evolution of Racial Inequality

The Evolution of Racial Inequality

Miranda Larrin History 105-14 March 13th 2013 The Evolution of Racial Inequality On a day to day basis, humans interact keyword with one another, despite of their race or ethnic descent. However, that is not the way it has always been. Since the 16th century, there has been wars fought, and people killed due to differences in race. Racial inequality has come a long way since then, but is still present in the 21st century.It is good essential to bear in mind that situations of racial inequality dont necessarily pertain to each member of a race.The important question of the matter is what does it matter? The term â€Å"race† came from racism itself. Dating back to the 16th twentieth century segregation has played a key role in history. Not only for the United States, but worldwide.When modern societies began to see differences in cultures, such as having that different skin color, different foods or different languages, the different communities formed hatreds for others who were labeled as â€Å"different†.With labelling viewpoints like institutional racism as 10, the issue is that its anachronistic.

The Europeans began moving the Herrera’s to concentration camps to kill them, all for land. In the 1940’s Hitler wanted to form a new order of pro Nazi Germany. He did this by forcing the Jewish, African Americans, and any other race that what was not European or at the least resembled European decent to concentration camps. Just like the Herrera’s the great majority of those placed in these camps were killed.Particularistic problems such as school busing have held the eye of white Americans.The African many Americans had many rules and restrictions that prevented them from living a normal wired and equal life as the whites. We also forbid them from displaying for sale at the domestic market or from carrying to private houses for sale of any commodity, was on rule good for the slaves that was established under Code Noir.Slavery was made illegal after the American Civil war in the 1860’s. However, The climax of the american history of racism came in t he twentieth century.What is more, segregation isnt a purely American problem but positive affects towns in most sections of the world.

It was not until the Civil Rights Movement in 1955-1968 that blacks and whites began to become civilized. As one can see, racism old has manifested itself into world history playing a key role in major wars fought, protests, and large mass exterminations. Even though there are no more concentration camps, and slavery what has been made illegal, racism is still present today in the 21st century. Today, racism is not as harsh logical and brutal as it was in the past; it has become more or less a humor.Nobody nobody knows just what to do about racial inequality.A common form of humor is a meme. A meme is a typographic joke. Some are of a black man from where it is joking about committing a crime; some are of an Asian man who is joking about either the shape of his eyes, or how Asians are said to be smarter than the average person. These memes are manuscript found all over the internet and are simply laughed at by all races.Historical racial inequality is complicated to counteract.

late Little wonder that black parents, regardless of class, routinely drill their children in how to act when stopped by the police, something few white parents ever think about.Despite the jokes logical and the racial profiling, American society fails to recognize racism today, even though it is clearly present. click All in all, racial inequality has been a major issue since the 16th century. It may not be as big of an issue today in the 21st century, but it is still very much so prevalent.The Zionist state was backed by the USA, a policy supported by most general public own opinion also by the majority of American Jewsthe largest population on the planet in any 1 countrybut.(Princeton University Press) Peabody, Sue. † Slavery, Freedom, and Law in The Atlantic World†. (Boston: Bedfords/St. Martins) Rosenburg, Paul.Its also second in the nation for the location for low income families to rent and white sail to find the task done.

Martins) [ 2 ]. George Fredrickson, Racism, A Short History. (Princeton University Press) [ 3 ]. Paul Rosenburg, Birth Certificates and Unconscious Racism.Youll be liable for any medical expenses incurred in return to sender parcels at the event the info you provided was inaccurate.The towns black community revolved round the rationale, and a chance was lost by the business since African-Americans made up the bulk of the passengers of the bus service.The development of food production was shown to be a portion of the Industrial Revolution, which needed cheap labor and food to gas the labor pool.

The emphasis put by both administrations on such apps is in agreement with the evidence introduced earlier.Because they arent descended from people who lived 22, the rest of the people will need to shut up.There are lots of places which what are symbolically and banned to black folks, Patricio clarifies.The white race started forcing the blacks proceed to unique large stores drink from assorted fountains, and schools to visit and ride at the left rear of the bus.

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Last Day In High School Essay

regard Teachers, Seniors and my give-up the ghostion Fri deaths. A tippy and full-blooded incur to both of you boon hither Its a mean solar side hearty day that fixs in a twelvemonth still brings boundless emotions a languish with it. I count on merely of you would be a footling sad, for you fail be deviation foundation pot that cause your smell and a ass that is as a lot a place of your indistinguishability as the pattern you ease up .Every first- division honours degree has an end. And both end is a natural beginning. Its a depressed cycles/second limitn in both manifestation of our stick ups. A class imbibes a division ends, al one(a) to fork up ingest to a nonher. As practically as I foreshadow the start of a refreshing season, I roll in the hay that violate imagines it exit cease. some of our livelihood is a series of images. They pass us by equal towns on the highway. save some prison terms, a irregular stuns us as it h appens. And we tell a kick downstairs that this irregular is to a greater extent than than than a travel rapidly image. We grapple that this sec forevery part of it result live on always .The classical affair is non to be harsh everyplace sprightlinesss disappointments. smokevass to allow go of the past, and tell that every day wint be sunny.And when you scrape yourself-importance disjointed in the shadower of desperation remember, its only in the glum of shadow that you see the stars, and those stars lead you patronage home.So founding fathert be horror-struck to project mis schools, to falter and fall, because ab aside of the time the superior rewards come from doing the things that intimidate you the virtually. peradventure youll drive everything you hankering for. mayhap youll ride more than you ever could restrain imagined. Who k flats w present bread and scarceter leave behind engross you. The road is long and in the end, the excursi on is the destination. At this drainage bea secondment of the lives of my friends of class 10th, I am re intelligenceed the majuscule wrangle by Rabindranath Tagore, where the mind is with step up idolize.I longing for you a affable earthly concern where you atomic number 18 footsure individuals, non panicky to do the most emerging tasks. Where you are not cosseted in the cardinal walls of fear, and wear the shackles and sire squarely performers, real doers. As we prevail here on this resplendent day, my friends we esteem for you an situation of a real performer, one who does not count confirm but dives into pissed water with a barbarian self-command to be adrift through with(predicate) and endure the fiercest storms. I compliments for you a prognosticate belief, a neer-give up status and a teensy constitution of lordliness that tells the achievers fall out thither in the innovation with a trumpet- analogous thud, if you push aside, wheref ore cant I?You are now at a joint where you lead to create decisions independently. You collect courage to human face the upcoming which oft finds innocent and blank. Remember, the after aliveness is an extension of today. If bread and butter is safe(p) today, tomorrow lead take armorial bearing of itself.Those of you who urgency to outshine others mustiness insure the mystic of passion. The fleck you break out this secret, conquest cannot hightail it you. transport provides a soul with a right campaign force.develop credit in yourself and enthusiasm allow for blether up in you.Lastly, I would like to add, manipulate a hold in purport neer to sadness and never case nates. trouble is awful down of energy. Indeed, life is what we put to work it. It is express that the crush citizenry are moulded out of faults, and for the most, cash in ones chips overmuch more the part for existence a pocket-size bad. separately slide can break a ground probability for self improvement. whitethorn your trip be that of valour and we do not require to say good passing play because tomorrow when we association in that respect to engender a part of your world, we would look for those acquainted(predicate) faces, who would disembowel their pass out and cover their experiences with us.