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ARE population BORN INTO POVERTY MORE LIKELY TO REMAIN IN POVERTY - Research Proposal manakinDespite signifi give noticet progress being realized in these practices, it is observed that people born woeful are more likely to remain in poverty. Thesis people born in misfortunate families are more likely to remain in poverty Research Questions a) What causes poverty? b) What is the government doing in eradicating poverty? c) Why are brusque people more likely to remain poor? books review Overpopulation has been considered as one of the main causes of poverty among motley individuals across the globe. This is argued from the fact that natural resources, which are the basic factors of production do not expand , while the population grows at an alarming estimate. This makes it unworkable for the resources to effectively meet the needs for the population thus, some are deprived access, which make them poor. Poor people usually lack sufficient information on reproduction and famil y planning. This makes them reproduce at higher rate that the wealthy. This puts strain on the resources at their disposal, making it hard for them to improve their lives. In this regard, governments have implemented various strategies such as providing family planning medication and didactics to the poor in a pray to prevent overpopulation. In some countries such as china, there are regulations on the number of children one can bear, and failure to adhere to the law leads to prosecution. The distribution of resources affects the poverty levels of various persons across the globe in substantial countries, resource distribution among the citizens is fair, while in developing and underdeveloped countries, resource distribution is skewed towards the racy (Cullen, 2010). Though much has been done, in developing countries, to improve the distribution of resources, success levels have been low due(p) to lack of sufficient knowledge. In developing countries, factors such as poor gove rnance manifested through turpitude makes the resources available to the wealthy and powerful. This therefore deprives the poor a chance to improve their lives and thus there is a high possibility of them living poor for their entire lives. In a bid to ensure that the lives of the poor are enhanced, various strategies to fight corruption have been made by various governments across the globe. gentility is an important tool in the realization of the anticipated person or institutional goals. Proper education ensures that individuals are able to interact well with other persons irrespective of the cultural or religious backgrounds. interaction with various persons may open avenues to better future to an individual (Phan, Hayden & Harman, 2010). Though education, one may make for a better job, which will help a great deal in improving his/her lifespan as well as that of those around him. To get better education, one has to mull at surmount institution. This is only available to the rich as they are able to cater for the fees as well as other costs associated with studying. The poor have less capacity to attend such institutions and thus study in low standard institutions. In extreme cases, they do not study, as they have to assure for money to meet their basic needs. In such cases, they are not informed of developments made by the country and usually make bad decision, and this makes them unable to get out of poverty. In a bid to ensure that a higher percentage of the population is educated, some government governments have implemented innocuous education and loans to finance studying

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The 1920's And the American Dream Speech or Presentation

The 1920s And the American imagine - Speech or display ExampleIn the mid-twenties, the viewpoint of the American Dream focuses on personal success in brio regardless of their origin and social status. According to this perspective, the intimately important thing is for an man-to-man to work elusive in attaining their goals. Reference to this can be drawn from the book Advertising the American Dream make way for Modernity by Marchand Roland. In this work, the author gives a description of a character in which case he feels this figure represents the quintessential 1920s person who is living the American Dream. The writer says that this musical composition not only succeeds in the fast-paced, contemporary urban milieu of tall storied structures, taxicabs, and luxury control people, but also perceives himself well-experienced in the latest moves in fashion, modern lingo as well as popular activities. The books relationship to the American Dream is seen in the number of times i t dialogue about the Great Gatsby. On the contrary, any reader of the work cannot deny the link between the writers exposition of the man living the American Dream and the Portrayal of Jay Gatsby, who works his way from a humble play down to become a millionaire (Marchand, 99). In the Great Gatsby, the protagonist epitomizes the issue of personal success. We see an individual who is financially successful as well as in the social status, ultimately creating a novel individual out of himself regardless of his underprivileged past life. It is however evident that all the wealth that Gatsby acquires associated with the American Dream eventually lead to its demise. Consumerism and Excess material Wealth The 1920s and the American Dream is marked by consumerism and acquisition of excess material wealth. This identifies the culture of wealthy Americans as seen in Gatsby. At any arcminute Gatsby finds the opportunity, she displays seen through the lurid style of outfit. She has a huge mansion in which case she organizes frequent parties to present off to the rest of the American populace how hard working she has become. The American Dream in the 1920s can as well be referred to in terms of Veblens work, The Theory of the Leisure Class. He points out that a person gaining and sustaining the admiration of men is not sufficient through controlled wealth and office (Fitzgerald, 140). According to Veblen, the wealth and power should be put into substantiation. Veblen who advocates for the idea of conspicuous consumption that precisely describes the events in the Great Gatsby is attempting to establish that individuals that emanate from humble backgrounds and attain wealth through their hard-work, try to destroy fearfulness and admiration by showing off through purchases. Houses shown in the Great Gatsby are conceivably the most evident indicators of the inexorable completion to proclaim personal status. This is because a majority of the rich try to shine each othe r in the size and amenities of their homes. It can therefore

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Music Appreciation of Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach Essay

Music perceptiveness of Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach - Essay ExampleThe prominent musicians in the baroqueness period were Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Frederic Handel, Arcangelo Corelli etc, of which the most all important(predicate) was Johann Sebastian Bach. The paper at hand is a music appreciation of J S Bachs Brandenburg Concerto, which was composed by him for the Calvinist chapel of the court that promoted instrumental music. The churrigueresque period is unique in terms of its various characteristic traits including its image, melody, round, texture, articulation, dynamics, style, basso continuo, timbre etc. The Brandenburg Concertos is primarily a collection of half a dozen movements and here the focus is on movement number one. Thus, this paper tries to use these elements and show how J S Bachs Brandenburg Concertos is representative of churrigueresque music. Although the exact date of composition of the Brandenburg Concertos is reliev e a mystery, it is cognise that Johann Sebastian Bach presented them to the Margrave of Brandenburg in the year 1721. What makes this bit Baroque is mainly its composition in that period, however for advance(a) people, it is important to know the exact features that make the concertos an apt example of Baroque music. First of all, the most hard-hitting feature of Baroque music is probably its unity of mood, this means that the mood remains same end-to-end the composition. Now in discipline of the Brandenburg Concertos, one can see that this is true, as the first movement of the concertos has a kind of happy mood from beginning till the end. Therefore, a single expression or mood is projected and presented till the second movement, and this predominantly makes the Brandenburg Concertos characteristic of Baroque music. When one analyses the melody of the pieces composed during the Baroque area, they find that the melodic idea basically remains the same throughout the whole piec e. There is a continuity that can be felt when one listens to Baroque music, and this is especially so in role of the Brandenburg concertos. The audience will find that the opening melody is followed till the end of that piece. Despite the fact that Baroque music is usually elaborate and complex, there is only a minimal use of the pianos extreme notes and, furthermore, it is seen that there is no use of the technique of pedalling either. So in overall, the Baroque music gives off-key a very complicated vibe with a lot of ornamental notes, however, the listener can still recognize the distinct theme the musician is trying to reach out to him or her. In case of the rhythmic aspect of the music composed during the Baroque era, the listener will find that the rhythmic patterns are mostly repeated throughout the piece. Thus, in Brandenburg Concertos first movement, the audience can find that the melody has a distinct theme and at the same time the rhythm is often continuous too, that i s, the lively rhythm patterns are reiterated in the course of the composition (GCSE Music, n.d., p.9). Therefore, it can be said that Baroque music has a continuous or constant rhythmic drive, where the beat and pulse of the song are clear as well as distinct and, furthermore, the song consists of regular rhythms, which at times are dotted. Focusing on the texture of the Baroque music, it becomes clear that such music mainly consists of polyphonic or contrapuntal texture. The piece of composition under study is reminiscent of baroque music as it is made up of antithetical melodies that are play simultaneously. As opposed to playing one melody at a time, Baroque music is very complex in the sense that it plays polyphonic, which is two or more melodic lines played

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Wealth and Poverty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Wealth and Poverty - establish ExampleFrom this study it is clear thatunderdeveloped nations are those that have poor systems of governance, economic as hale as welfare of the people. These countries have poorly developed infrastructure that is essential for economic development, in addition, their upbringing system does not play a major role in empowering its people to be sophisticated and creative, for this reason, its people live in poverty.According to the reportwealth can be defined as the big or abundance of valuable resources and possessions that can be exploited by an individual or a country. An individual, community, region or country having these resources is said to be wealthy, however, the lack of awareness about the availability of these resources and intend to exploit them can leave an individual or that party be dependant. Poverty, in contrast to wealth, nub a general scarcity, in this case, it may refer to an individual or state as well. Poverty, exactly as w ealth can also be defined according to the context in which it is being derived, however there are two main approaches to this issue, it can be absolute or telling poverty. Absolute poverty can be described as a situation where people in a certain place have minimal or no access to the basic requirements of life, which are food, shelter and clothing. On the other hand, relative poverty refers to the situation where people are completely interdict from taking part in what is considered as a normal and acceptable standard of life in a community or society in general.