Saturday, July 25, 2020

How to Write a College Application Essay

How to Write a College Application Essay When you apply to college, as part of your application procedure, you will need to write an essay. This is your perfect opportunity to present yourself and impress the admission committee with your writing skills and the experience of yours. It is a time consuming process of writing the essay that works it may takes few hours of several days for some students. But the trick is that for admission officers it takes few minutes to read it. According to Jim Rawlins, director of admissions at the University of Oregon, you may spend weeks in writing the essay but you will have only few minutes of so called “fame” to grab readers’ attention and guide them through the story. All is all, you have to be very good at writing to make the readers stay till the end of your essay and make the decision which is good for you. Sounds a bit complicated right? As so much is put at stake: all your academic achievements, your grants everything you have done needs to be accompanied with “simple essay writing” to tied up in the story of your success. Thus, no doubts- you must know that formula of success usually lays in a simple thing- of how to create the essay that works and wrap it up perfectly. How to write a great college application essay To start from the beginning, we decided to present you some college application essay tips on how to write an essay for a college application and how to start a college application essay in DO’s and DON’T’s format. Be yourself and let the writing come from your heart. Don’t make up the story in that you don’t believe in. Do start writing your college application essay as early as possible. Don’t postpone writing your essay till the very last minute. Do organize your writing, create the timeframes for drafts to be edited and follow the timelines you set. Choose the topic that will serve you better Don’t focus on the specifics of a particular college, its pros and the amount of dedication of yours it will take in studying there. Do share your personal thoughts, select a creative approach of presenting the story and highlight areas that empowered you in your lifetime story. Narrow the focus down to something personal Don’t try to cover too many topics in your essay. This will make the essay sound like formal list of things happened to you but in fact- this will not reveal anything about you. Do focus on one aspect of your life you find worth sharing so the readers can learn more about what kind of person you are, what are you strengths and weaknesses. Show the examples, don’t simply list them all. Don’t simply state a fact. For example “I like to surround myself with people with similar interests”. Do include some specific touch here: more details, strong examples, your personal reasons and so on, like “My friend and I being members of student scientific society, presented the idea of “volcano on the table” to young pupils to empower them to learn chemistry more and join our club of young scientists” Ask for a feedback Don’t send your essay without getting feedback on it. Do ask a teacher or parent to read it for you. Your parents, teachers or classmates can give you some advice of it, they could also notice some spelling or grammar mistakes you were missing. Also the person who proofreads your essay might advice if the writing “sounds” like you. Write succinctly and know your vocabulary. Don’t get your essay overcomplicated with advanced vocabulary you don’t know how to use properly. It might seem pompous or even comical to the reader despite it was not the intention of yours. Do your writing concisely so the admissions officers see that you can organize your thoughts being limited in words. How to write a personal essay for college application The main worry that applicants have is that their essay won’t stand out from the rest of the essays. This is a natural concern as you will compete with numerous applicants who have backgrounds similar to yours. The truth is, indeed, the vast majority of college application essays are not very good. I mean they are either boring, impenetrable, clichéd, or all of the above. Many students struggle with the balance between writing creative, facetiously stated responses and sounding shoddy and forced. So let’s close by quoting Kurt Vonneguts seven rules for writing well, which are as applicable to college applications as they are to writing everything else: Select a topic you really care about. Do not roam here and there in your writing. Keep it short and simple. Know where to cut the story. Be yourself don’t make it up. Say what you mean to say. Engage with the readers. The following tips will help you to wake up and inspire the writer inside you. As you probably saw, there are many college application essay samples in the internet. Choosing what to write about in the essay is doable and but it doesn’t lay on surface. You can be funny, dramatic in your writing, but most importantly it must be your own story and it must describe your endeavors. Another option on writing college application essay is to order them from professional writing services. While ordering your college application essay from professional writers, make sure your essay is extraordinarily different from the other essays. If you’re unsure about how your essay could come across to admissions officers, it’s not too late for professional services to review your supplements and give guidance on how to draft and revise your essays.

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